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Break through the darkness and fall through the light. Will I come to a stop, or fall back into night? An escape route from here is what I'm tryin...Rate it

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Peter S.
There I am, standing there, from which the world I'm unaware. Through grass, to dirt, to ice, I'm taking But it's not the world, it's my mind that'...Rate it

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Breaking Glass
Zach Blackmer
My hands beat against the glass, For every breath I let pass, You draw ever closer to your last. Shall it be with some great blast? Or will it be ...Rate it

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If I can stop one heart from breaking,
Emily Dickinson
If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Un...Rate it

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Stone Breaking
Duncan Campbell Scott
March wind rough Clashed the trees, Flung the snow; Breaking stones, In the cold, Germans slow Toiled and toiled; Arrowy sun Glanced and sprang, On...Rate it

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"Breaking Chains"
'Ray Raynor
Breaking the chains that bind being free to do my own thing leaving the past behind me (C)2013 R. W. Raynor. All Rights Reserved.Rate it

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A storm is breaking within my heart
Nobody Nose
If I could just play the music for you, baby... And dance to it with you in my arms... I don't know why, I don't know how I thought I loved you, b...Rate it

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Beware Of False Idols (A Cautionary Poem About Breaking The Second Commandment From The Holy Bible)
Ke Andre Bell-Washington
You shall have no other gods before me You shall not make for yourself An image in the form of anything In heaven above The earth beneath Or the wa...Rate it

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Birds Breaking My Iced Cages by Jessica Ni Leacai
Jessie Ní Leacaí
From glass cages, they freed the fathomed birds and their demurs dimmed the brightest skies and ice, irked over these grounds of grieving. As I se...Rate it

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Breaking Apart
BlackAngel Evo
The change I've seen in you Isn't one for the better UV seem to have changed Or so it seems I just want you back to normal I miss the go getter yo...Rate it

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Breaking Barriers
Nikhil Parekh
In order to reach the stupendously astronomical summit of the mountain; you needed to break the barriers of skepticism, In order to achieve the u...Rate it

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Breaking Barriers
Bryan Onderdonk
This structure- I hope it collapses and backlashes in to the creators face that made it. There’s no room for limitations or space between the lette...Rate it

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Breaking Bones
Gabriel McBride
The bone breaks, upon solid stone; The heart fakes, pain of being alone; Shattering life today, ...Rate it

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Breaking Dawn
Kurt Philip Behm
After the finish line, a new starting line awaits Where answers have deserted, but old questions remain The learning curve most steep, as d...Rate it

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Breaking Free
reflections of remnants buried deep within luminous to love's demise clouds of envy seep from within no one to hear the cries flashes of light fil...Rate it

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Breaking free
A jail built of clouds escaping sunbeams emerge five luminous columns lighting the earthRate it

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Breaking Ground
Kurt Philip Behm
Shovel ready verse, new soil to disturb Whose well to make deeper —its draft future heard (Dreamsleep: February, 2021)Rate it

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Breaking Heart
Why do you do this to me? The metal called you pierces my heart. You break it in two, Then squish it with your shopping cart. Why can't you love m...Rate it

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Breaking It Gently
Edward George Dyson
ALL WAS UP with Richard Tanner— ‘Wait-a-Bit’ we called him. Dead? Yes. The braceman dropped a spanner, Landed Richard on the head; Cracked his skul...Rate it

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Breaking love
Mohan Pillai
As lovers progress the action Gradually understand the difference Some try to concentrate on devotion While others argue for the new rules Which wi...Rate it

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Breaking Night's Bondage (Haiku)
Nick Adegwe-Oshomah
Armed with the Sun's light, Daily, day breaks night's bondage Over mankind's lives.Rate it

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Breaking Point
Ryahn Gillis
With her fingers tapping against her crossed leg, her mind is writing the scene of vengeance, nostalgia lingers as niceties are cringing but intend...Rate it

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Breaking The Charm
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Caught Susanner whistlin'; well, It's most nigh too good to tell. 'Twould 'a' b'en too good to see Ef it had n't b'en fur me, Comin' up so soft an'...Rate it

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Breaking The Day In Two
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
When from dawn till noon seems one long day, And from noon till night another, Oh, then should a little boy come from play, And creep into the arms...Rate it

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Breaking The News
Joseph Furphy
Johnny's drowned — here's his clo'es Where he's got to, we dunno; Sure enough, he never rose; So we thought we'd let you know. Gosh! the fright...Rate it

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