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Natalie Jovon Graham
His hair is greasy and black; slanted over his forehead, it makes a piano. And I listen. He doesn't measure his music, just opens his mouth and le...Rate it

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Like "I've got the blues", except it's "I've got the gays"
Jason Ritchie
Wow. I think I've finally done it. We've reached those days. Time to tell the world that, I have the gays. It's been a secret worth keeping. I've k...Rate it

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Singing the Black Cat Blues
Sonia Walker
People stop and stare when I pass them on the street, some believe it is bad luck as our paths cross each other others turn away and do not bother....Rate it

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The Blues Hotel
Sterling Warner
Two Jacksons or Four sawbucks Up front—$40. No credit cards, no I.D.; Beyond, beneath, Battered neon lights The Blues Hotel Weathered time’s rav...Rate it

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A Dost O' Blues
James Whitcomb Riley
I' got no patience with blues at all! And I ust to kindo talk Aginst 'em, and claim, 'tel along last Fall, They was none in the fambly stock; But a...Rate it

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Ain't That The Blues
Kurt Philip Behm
She’s familiar, aint that the blues Sleeping beside her, I always knew Chipped beef on Monday, Thursday cold stew Dishes piled high, pay...Rate it

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angel city blues
Edward L. Canavan
wide awakened as the rain subsided the day not quite the day yet the fog of forgetting still heavy in the air she once was in love and filled th...Rate it

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Blues Poem #10
Kurt Philip Behm
Living hard, the writing comes easy Living easy, the writing comes hard (Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2017)Rate it

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Blues Poem #11
Kurt Philip Behm
Baby don’t you stay with me, Baby don’t you go Baby what you get from me, what you got to show Baby get away from me, Baby don’t you go Ba...Rate it

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Blues Speak
Kurt Philip Behm
Bend that reed, Stretch that chord, Split that vowel, —drive home the word (Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2017)Rate it

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Blues Tears
George Walter Duszak
Yesterday singing the blues in the blown breeze city tide fall season blown breeze trees don't break my heart rather be in depths of arms kisses so...Rate it

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booby hatch blues
Wesley Morin
when there's no place left to take the breakdown. none you haven't rampaged and ravaged yet. plunge a pair of scissors in your chest. stick a st...Rate it

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Butterfly Blues
Jennifer Quentin
Where did all the catapillars go? Last year there where many, You know... Could it be The leaves On the trees Are'nt tasty any more, And catapillar...Rate it

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Call Centre Blues
Hardeep Kaur
"Welcome to Vodafone", This is all I say, Can the end come any quicker I always pray!! At times of boredom I surf the web, As soon as i log on BEEP...Rate it

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Can You Take My Blues Away
Taleshia G MCcray
I saw your hair. Shine under the sun. I need you here. The things in my life makes me sad. You can take my blues away. you can make me smile. you c...Rate it

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Choose The Blues
Wallace Dean LaBenne
To choose the "blues" Is odd,by God But To choose to lose You've blown a fuseRate it

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Cotton crop blues
Tom Breakwell
Cotton worker blues The brilliant sun bursts open, Flooding the dry brown fields, Shining brightly like a candle. Wax dripping down the sides, Ye...Rate it

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Drag Queen Blues
Charles Bernabi
My mother, she said don't be shy boy, So I went and kissed a skinny gal. But I didn't know she had a swain named Troy, No I did not ma, now I'm low...Rate it

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Elba Blues
Kurt Philip Behm
That unshared secret… a crawlspace of denial where shadows keep your heart at bay, lonely all the while To hide in darkened corners, as falsehood ...Rate it

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Far Better (Blues Poem #18)
Kurt Philip Behm
It’s better to let her… keep those fancy shoes and bags if she comes to bed each night It’s better to let her… have the house worn and ragge...Rate it

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Heaven Waits (Blues Poem #15)
Kurt Philip Behm
Counting spaces between the notes, the music came alive The melody deepened, the band on fire, all bees have left the hive Breathing in one f...Rate it

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Hod Rodding Blues Man
Rick Rhythm
I'm a hot rodding blues man Who's hard working and just as lazy Loyal as a hound dog with out the flie's Detected and devoted to my family friends ...Rate it

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Its Scar Now Yours To Love (Blues Poem #12)
Kurt Philip Behm
"You must earn the right to sing the blues "No high school chorus, the hurt you choose" To wrestle with your demons, no s...Rate it

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Last Mojo Child (Blues Poem #14)
Kurt Philip Behm
You is what you is, and you ain’t what you ain’t The last Mojo Child, —of the love and the hate (Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2017)Rate it

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Lazy Susan Blues
Kurt Philip Behm
Round and round, went the memories of pain As the joy slid off, in an unending refrain Round and round, the promises spun And one by one, ...Rate it

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