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Beneath the tree
Beneath the tree
Oh, what a pleasant day it was, sitting beneath the tree; just for the feel of caress, for the whispers of the leaves, and for the soulful chat w...Rate it

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Beneath Thy Cross
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Am I a stone, and not a sheep, That I can stand, O Christ, beneath thy cross, To number drop by drop Thy Blood's slow loss, And yet not weep? N...Rate it

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A Boat beneath a Sunny Sky
Lewis Carroll
A BOAT beneath a sunny sky, Lingering onward dreamily In an evening of July -- Children three that nestle near, Eager eye and willing ear, ...Rate it

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The thought beneath so slight a film
Emily Dickinson
The thought beneath so slight a film Is more distincly seen, -- As laces just reveal the surge, Or mists the Apennine. Rate it

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All A Person Could Take Beneath His Grave
Nikhil Parekh
All a person could take beneath his grave; was the perennial love that he'd generated; by compassionately uniting two miserably jilted hearts in th...Rate it

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Ashes Beneath the Cityscape
Marguerite Clair Massé
Poor bums,poor beggar bums, crawling beneath the city. Your only hope is to keep beating through winter, those of you who like sparrows may last un...Rate it

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Beneath A Mountain's Brow
John Trumbull
"Beneath a mountain's brow, the most remote And inaccessible by Shepherds trod, In a deep cave, dug by no mortals hands An Hermit lived,--a mela...Rate it

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Beneath A Photoraph
Francis Thompson
Phoebus, who taught me art divine, Here tried his hand where I did mine; And his white fingers in this face Set my Fair's sigh-suggesting grace. O ...Rate it

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Beneath The Cover
Kurt Philip Behm
Judging you by what you wear or by the car you drive the words forever hollow whose bees have left the hive Taking stock while looking back through...Rate it

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Beneath The Masque
Kurt Philip Behm
Embracing the myth, I hide deep within More Devil than Savior, aboriginal sin Excuses my sacraments, grace bartered for lies Judgment internal —...Rate it

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Beneath The Sky
Kumar Nmn Kamal
beneath the sky time passes by clouds fly through the zones of zodiac and time flying high 1000 feet wide air of oblivions smile in disguise i was...Rate it

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Beneath The Snow
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
’Twas near the close of the dying year, And December’s winds blew cold and drear, Driving the snow and sharp blinding sleet In gusty whirls through...Rate it

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Beneath the Stained Glass
Gideon Brown
Beneath the stained glass all is calm outside the heavens cry But one man sits and never moves Sits by the candle light. The earth is shaking tremb...Rate it

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Beneath the Surface
Sheila King
Beneath the Surface I looked out through the window at you across the way Thinking of our last words we shared, and how things ended that day Who ...Rate it

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Beneath Your heart
Nikhil Parekh
Beneath your complexion which appeared blacker than the sootiest of coal; there lay an ocean of impeccable whiteness and exotic calm, Beneath you...Rate it

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Dance Beneath the Silver Appalachian Moon
Robert Southwood
My soul is as old as the mountains of Appalachia And I still believe raising hell like the outlaw Jesse James In this country where the eagle fl...Rate it

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Fame [One thousand years I slept beneath the sod]
Ambrose Bierce
One thousand years I slept beneath the sod, My sleep in 1901 beginning, Then, by the action of some scurvy god Who happened then to recollect my si...Rate it

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I Dug Beneath the Cypress Shade
Thomas Love Peacock
I dug, beneath the cypress shade, What well might seem an elfin's grave; And every pledge in earth I laid, That erst thy false affection gave. I p...Rate it

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I Stood beneath
Nikhil Parekh
i stood beneath the gurgling waterfall plummeting down the mountain slope, with icy coats of air slapping my face, felt tingling sensations creep...Rate it

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Lines Written Beneath A Picture
George Gordon Lord Byron
Dear object of defeated care! Though now of Love and thee bereft, To reconcile me with despair, Thing image and any tears are left. 'Tis said with...Rate it

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Lines Written Beneath An Elm In The Churchyard Of Harrow On The Hill, Sept. 2, 1807
George Gordon Lord Byron
Spot of my youth! whose hoary branches sigh, Swept by the breeze that fans thy cloudless sky; Where now alone I muse, who oft have trod, With those...Rate it

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O, Struck Beneath The Laurel
George Edward Woodberry
O, STRUCK beneath the laurel, where the singing fountains are, I saw from heaven falling the star of love afar; O, slain in Eden’s bower nigh the ...Rate it

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Prayers Beneath Veil
Kumar Kamal
she couldn`t sleep at all alaknanda arrives at dawn stood she alone there,beautiful and bold in front of the temple,full of gods and goddesses made...Rate it

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Shatters Beneath The Splashes
Robert Crawford
I watch that single drop of rain trickle down the broken glass In which the image is sustained from being shattered. Slowly from which it start...Rate it

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She slept beneath a tree
Emily Dickinson
She slept beneath a tree— Remembered but by me. I touched her Cradle mute— She recognized the foot— Put on her carmine suit And see! Rate it

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