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Wallace Dean LaBenne
I know nothing, I believe I believe I know nothing. All I have is belief I believe. Knowing something is nothing but belief. Belief is nothing but...Rate it

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David Herbert Lawrence
Forever nameless Forever unknwon Forever unconceived Forever unrepresented yet forever felt in the soul. Rate it

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"Our Non Belief"
Donald E. Burns
We all believe in something, in one way or another. Not considering our non belief, affecting not only our lives but others. We may believe in God...Rate it

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Behind Belief’s Facade
Emile Pinet
I'm the Devil, but I'm also God, when I look within I find me there. And hiding behind belief's facade, I'm alone with only me to care. Evil dwell...Rate it

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Belief Entwined
Jean Philippe Gibson
Negative Sentiments echoed each and every level Skepticism of Size, Speed, Strength deficiencies over exasperated Immeasurable Intangibles Evoke...Rate it

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Belief within the Dream
Jeremy Taylor
As sand falls through my fingers, Realizing that dreams come from within Closing my eye’s envisioning the dream; Reaching out taking hold Stren...Rate it

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Lines Written In The Belief That The Ancient Roman Festival Of The Dead Was Called Ambarvalia
Rupert Brooke
Swings the way still by hollow and hill, And all the world's a song; "She's far," it sings me, "but fair," it rings me, "Quiet," it laughs, "and...Rate it

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My belief
Seema Tabassum Ali
There is a belief in my heart that as the sadness subsides. My life will see a new light!Rate it

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My Political Belief
Charles Harpur
O LIBERTY, yet build thee an august And best abode in this most virgin clime; The Old World yet, power-trampled to the dust, Hath never known thee ...Rate it

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Self Belief
Larry Stallings
What happens with Faith Never do we stop trying Failure is no moreRate it

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The Words Of Belief
Friedrich Schiller
Three words will I name thee--around and about, From the lip to the lip, full of meaning, they flee; But they had not their birth in the being wit...Rate it

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They Were Welcome To Their Belief
Robert Frost
Grief may have thought it was grief. Care may have thought it was care. They were welcome to their belief, The overimportant pair. No, it took all...Rate it

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