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An Average
Ambrose Bierce
I ne'er could be entirely fond Of any maiden who's a blonde, And no brunette that e'er I saw Had charms my heart's whole warmth to draw. Yet sure ...Rate it

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Average 1
Wallace Dean LaBenne
It's average to think you're normal It's normal to think you're sane It's sane to think you're balanced It's balanced to think you're germane It's...Rate it

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Average 2
Wallace Dean LaBenne
It's usual to think you're honest It's honest to think you're dear It's dear to think you're candid It's candid to think you're sincere It's routi...Rate it

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Average American
Wallace Dean LaBenne
"Average" is a value like "median" and "mean:" centrality measures mathematically derived. A murky abstraction designating in-between top and botto...Rate it

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Average Days
I put on my big jacket And head out the door. The car starts up With a loud winter roar. Arriving at school, And not a minute late. Run before the...Rate it

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average man
phoenix poet
They say igornance can be fixed, stupidity is forever.I beleive it belongs to the one who is clever. It doesnt take much to figure out who is who, ...Rate it

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The Average Man
George Essex Evans
His hat looks worn, and his coat-sleeves shine, As I see him step from his ’bus at nine; His boots are pieced and his tie home-made, And his trouse...Rate it

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The Ballade Of The Average Reader
Franklin P. Adams
I try to touch the public taste, For thus I earn my daily bread. I try to write what folks will paste In scrap books after I am dead. By Publ...Rate it

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