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Wilfred Owen
Under his helmet, up against his pack, After so many days of work and waking, Sleep took him by the brow and laid him back. There, in the happy no...Rate it

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To My Daughter Mary Ann, Asleep
Thomas Cowherd
Sweetly asleep is Mary Ann, In calmest infantile repose Her lovely face no longer wan, Seems lovelier still when in a doze. Sleep on, my babe, I'l...Rate it

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A Baby Asleep after Pain
David Herbert Lawrence
As a drenched, drowned bee Hangs numb and heavy from a bending flower, So clings to me My baby, her brown hair brushed with wet tears And...Rate it

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A Child Asleep
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
How he sleepeth! having drunken Weary childhood's mandragore, From his pretty eyes have sunken Pleasures, to make r...Rate it

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Asleep! O Sleep A Little While, White Pearl!
John Keats
Asleep! O sleep a little while, white pearl! And let me kneel, and let me pray to thee, And let me call Heaven’s blessing on thine eyes, And let...Rate it

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Baby Lies So Fast Asleep
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Baby lies so fast asleep That we cannot wake her: Will the angels clad in white Fly from heaven to take her? Baby lies so fast asleep That no ...Rate it

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Boaz Asleep
Victor Marie Hugo
Boaz, overcome with weariness, by torchlight made his pallet on the threshing floor where all day he had worked, and now he slept among the bush...Rate it

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Dream Of Me When You're Asleep
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Promises are meant to keep or what's assurance for? Dream of me when you're asleep or kick me out the door. Caterpillars slowly creep or what's tr...Rate it

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Falling Asleep
Siegfried Sassoon
Voices moving about in the quiet house: Thud of feet and a muffled shutting of doors: Everyone yawning. Only the clocks are alert. Out in the n...Rate it

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Innocence Asleep
Samuel Alfred Beadle
A fair dark-eyed lassie was she, Her thirteenth summer passed, Who pursuing blue-eyed daisy, Herself had over-tasked; And fell asleep in the meadow...Rate it

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Into our dream made for you and me oh,how I wish I'd be forever asleep
Taleshia G MCcray
When I close my eyes and fall into a dream the one wish I've ever wanted is granted it seems I finally have you by side,I finally have you to be mi...Rate it

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O Death, O Death, Rock Me Asleep
Anonymous Americas
O Death, O Death, rock me asleep, Bring me to quiet rest; Let pass my weary guiltless ghost Out of my careful breast. Toll on, th...Rate it

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Our Little Baby Fell Asleep
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Our little baby fell asleep, And may not wake again For days and days, and weeks and weeks; But then he'll wake again, And come with his own pr...Rate it

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Something from when I was asleep
Praveen Kumar
It was a brief moment. There was no context, or speech. We folded into each other like magnets. Crook of arm meeting joint of wrist, neck pressed a...Rate it

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Sonnet 153: Cupid laid by his brand and fell asleep
William Shakespeare
Cupid laid by his brand and fell asleep, A maid of Dian's this advantage found, And his love-kindling fire did quickly steep In a cold valley-fount...Rate it

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Sonnet 154: The little Love-god lying once asleep
William Shakespeare
The little love god lying once asleep Laid by his side his heart-inflaming brand, Whilst many nymphs that vowed chaste life to keep Came tripping b...Rate it

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The Child Asleep. (From The French)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Sweet babe! true portrait of thy father's face, Sleep on the bosom that thy lips have pressed! Sleep, little one; and closely, gently place Thy dro...Rate it

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When I am asleep and crumbling in the tomb
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
When I am asleep and crumbling in the tomb, should you come to visit me, I will come forth with speed. You are for me the blast of the trumpet an...Rate it

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yesha shah
When the world falls asleep, Night spreads its black carpet When people turn to the warmth of homes And birds to their cosy nests; After one more g...Rate it

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When We Are All Asleep
William Cosmo Monkhouse
WHEN He returns, and finds the world so drear, All sleeping, young and old, unfair and fair, Will he stoop down and whisper in each ear, “Awa...Rate it

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When you can't fall asleep at night
Kaunain Fatima
When you can't fall asleep at night, Take a seat in your balcony, Wrap up all your cares in lavender and set them aside for a while. When you can'...Rate it

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Wide Asleep
Kev Green
Click, Click, Click, my keyboards click, My piano fingers deftly flick. Writing, spelling, making words, Until the sound of the waking birds. The ...Rate it

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