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Arti,Please Don`T Hurt Me Anymore
Kumar Kamal
Arti,please don`t hurt me anymore I cannot be hurt anymore My heart is broken,my soul is sold Please arti don`t hurt me anymore Love me but a littl...Rate it

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I can't tolerate it anymore
Shreya Pandey
Hyacinth knows, it knows how dejected I am. It knows how many nights I have spent crying. How many nights I have felt like dying. No, nobody knows!...Rate it

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I Don't Know You Anymore
Wallace Dean LaBenne
I don't see you anymore, you've blended with the night Like the stars after dawn you've faded out of sight I don't know you anymore, you've mixed ...Rate it

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I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Anymore
Devon Cote
I don’t feel like feeling anymore I sit here in my thoughts Trying to make sense Of what I am supposed to think. But all I get is pain From the hea...Rate it

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Just Don't Give a d*mn (anymore)
Amaiso Nensy
i used to care about you when you think i'm just a gossip girl i used to see you as my sister but now it's over just go your own way i don't even ...Rate it

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No One Lives Here Anymore
Wallace LaBenne
No One Lives Here Anymore (Rifacimento) No neighbors to abet. No loving family to adore. No animals to pet. No one lives here anymore. No times t...Rate it

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No One Lives Here Anymore
Wallace Dean LaBenne
No one lives here anymore: no footsteps in the halls, no greetings from an open door, no photos on the walls. No one lives here anymore: no smells...Rate it

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Not anymore
Caroline Tsai
You approached me like a gentleman and told me about your crush You passed me notes and poems in cards With chocolate, flowers and gifts You learnt...Rate it

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Not Your DoorMat Anymore
Angelina Thomas
Angry words , Slammed doors, You blame me for your life, I am suppose to be your best friend your wife, You never swallow your pride to aplogize...Rate it

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Poets Don't Care Anymore
Ian Sawicki
Perhaps our tomorrow shall keel over, drag its death into silence; whispered words, but for now I will strike souls into life - deadly configuratio...Rate it

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Silent Circle - Touch in the Night - YoupoopMarxistTwi[s]tter for song since you don't look anymore
Nobody Nose
I remember all the cries It's a secret dream I'm lost in your love You Your lonesome eyes are all I wanna know Helpless tears can never stop the ...Rate it

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