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Theresa L Strack
I shudder as he touches me I'm so very scared I don't want to hurt again I used to think he cared I run to you every time You promise you'll stop ...Rate it

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Abuse and heaven
Those who suffer from it know it. Those who watch it thinks it's some game they are playing. And for those who do it, act like they are a demon sen...Rate it

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the trees bow in obedience to her call for homage summer's shine surely gone and the new blistering season takes full advantage of our frailty... ...Rate it

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.more abuse.
the wind extends overtures to the trees and the trees not yet learning that the wind is a coniver, even after the swindle executed at autumn's arri...Rate it

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Abuse of the Gospel
William Cowper
Too many, Lord, abuse Thy grace In this licentious day, And while they boast they see Thy face, They turn their own away. Thy book displays a ...Rate it

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Child Abuse.
Victoria Smith
She was locked in a room, All day and night, She was living a life, That only she could fight. He pulled in to the driveway, Down her cheek rolled...Rate it

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Roland 'KingShip' Ediare
© 2014 Roland Ediare 3005-3253125-156-1221195 Cycle of anger and abuse A trend most excused today. Children watch, and grow up same They know no b...Rate it

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Family Abuse
Mike Williams
I am shadows on the wall, Silent whispers of a voice. A plea of mouth-clasped call, Violence robs me of my choice. Father I have long loved you, C...Rate it

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From up above (I had to repost this someone reported it for abuse) HP Challenge
Haunted Memories
One day from up above, I received the gift of true love. Now I know I can feel so free, With the gift you have given me. Our love, passion an...Rate it

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Lets Stop Dog Abuse
Rose Yvonne Baldwin
You should look into my big brown eye's. Just to see all the pain inside. There is no were to run, No where to hide. To my abuser I truely despise....Rate it

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Olney Hymn 60: Abuse Of The Gospel
William Cowper
Too many, Lord, abuse Thy grace In this licentious day, And while they boast they see Thy face, They turn their own away. Thy book displays a ...Rate it

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So this is love/abuse?
Natassia Cole
What would you do… If you found out that someone you knew was a rapist? Would that make you see them in a different light? Would you still be their...Rate it

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Amaka Rachael Mordi (ARM)
Having been manipulated and hurt in the ABUNDANCE of her IMPORTANCE She has become tough and resistive; seeking ARROGANCE out of ANNOYANCE To viola...Rate it

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The learned persons shall not abuse and insult anybody!
Kanniappan Kanniappan
Rarest to the core, the learned persons shall not …even by mistake abuse, don't insult anybody and don't sleep in the midst of many others! They w...Rate it

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The Pigs Who Abuse Lulu
Earle Francis Brown
How unfortified are favored mystics; ripened men devoid of backbones, ladies with bogus analogies of love, others let known their nuisances. Fool...Rate it

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Verbal Abuse
Kurt Philip Behm
The mouthpiece of ignorance is gossip The wellspring of gossip —is lies (Villanova Pennsylvania: September, 2019)Rate it

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Why (This poem has been reported for abuse and is under review) ????
James B
Why did you come back, if you didn't want to stay? My feelings are real and not for you to play Why do I still love you and still care a lot? It's ...Rate it

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