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Amaiso Nensy
It can't be seen… When you want to know it You'll find no explanation It can't be understood And it can't be told It can be seen By using your s...Rate it

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Cinema Calendar Of The Abstract Heart - 09
Tristan Tzara
the fibres give in to your starry warmth a lamp is called green and sees carefully stepping into a season of fever the wind has swept the rivers' m...Rate it

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Abstract Nouns
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Things you seek but cannot find are plainly abstract nouns Your youth-fountain is one bind despite hunting by Crowns Things you trust but cannot s...Rate it

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Abstract On Telephone Poles
Jerry Jax
Been with us ages, will outlast the pine; Our eyes, like hunter's, search to find their end. They stand along the roads, converging line, As far as...Rate it

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Abstract, Or Sound Poem
John Joseph Hughes
Golliwogs+at+night+beep+upright+as+delighted+blue+steel+bands play+for+guppies+framed+door+chain+mail+link+male+rock stampede us 'n' them Brothers ...Rate it

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An Abstract View
Pamela Morgan
I see the world through an artist's eyes An abstract view of space and time Where things are never as they seem As if they merely exist in a dream ...Rate it

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In The Abstract
Kurt Philip Behm
The evolution of Time More art Than science Its measure and Validation Astounding mankind From the very first day If such a thing Even exists ...Rate it

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The Human Abstract
William Blake
Pity would be no more If we did not make somebody Poor; And Mercy no more could be If all were as happy as we. And mutual fear brings peace, Till ...Rate it

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Wanna Goanna Abstract Rolls
Subrata Ray

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