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Jane Lomas
The willow wisped Wriggled and wallowed Wrangling round rugged rocks When willow roots wrangled round Wild and wicked docks Rate it

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Anna Akhmatova
And I grew up in patterned tranquillity, In the cool nursery of the young century. And the voice of man was not dear to me, But the voice of the...Rate it

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Willow Poem
William Carlos Williams
It is a willow when summer is over, a willow by the river from which no leaf has fallen nor bitten by the sun turned orange or crimson. The leaves ...Rate it

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elegy of the 0ak and the Willow
p g webster
The wretched wind that rocks my bough curtails the warmth I feel for thee. Truly the love of such a flower can mend with ease this broken tree? Tha...Rate it

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Willow and Ginkgo
Eve Merriam
The willow is like an etching, Fine-lined against the sky. The ginkgo is like a crude sketch, Hardly worthy to be signed. The willow’s music is lik...Rate it

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In The Willow Shade
Christina Georgina Rossetti
I sat beneath a willow tree, Where water falls and calls; While fancies upon fancies solaced me, Some true, and some were false. Who set their hea...Rate it

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Oh, Willow. (spoken from the heart)
My body is a willow tree. I cannot think her different; she is witness to too many tears to be called "fir", or "holly". It is ever teary satellit...Rate it

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Pain of the weeping Willow
Shedding the scars like a new skin. Ashes that meet the wind of hope. Tattoos of the past of an ocean of letting go. She will heal with every em...Rate it

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The Crow Sat On The Willow
John Clare
The crow sat on the willow tree A-lifting up his wings, And glossy was his coat to see, And loud the ploughman sings, 'I love my love because I kno...Rate it

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The Willing Willow .
Subrata Ray
I wish to say something, I wish the unheard to display , Your love in this molded clay . I wish to remind you , I am made for your cause , No w...Rate it

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The Willow
James Whitcomb Riley
Who shall sing a simple ditty about the Willow, Dainty-fine and delicate as any bending spray That dandles high the dainty bird that flutters the...Rate it

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The Willow
Dorothy Parker
On sweet young earth where the myrtle presses, Long we lay, when the May was new; The willow was winding the moon in her tresses, The bud of th...Rate it

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The willow leaves fallen
Yosa Buson
The willow leaves fallen, the spring gone dry, rocks here and there. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it

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The Willow-Tree
William Makepeace Thackeray
Know ye the willow-tree Whose gray leaves quiver, Whispering gloomily To yon pale river; Lady, at even-tide Wander not near it, They say its branch...Rate it

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The Willow-Tree (Another Version)
William Makepeace Thackeray
I. Long by the willow-trees Vainly they sought her, Wild rang the mother's screams O'er the gray water: 'Where is my lovely one? Where is my daugh...Rate it

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Robert Herrick
Thou art to all lost love the best, The only true plant found, Wherewith young men and maids distrest And left of love, are crown'd. When once the...Rate it

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Weeping Willow
Ashley Arnold
Weeping willow singing to me So beautifully With her heavenly melody Touch the echoes, they will cure Forever sure All your pain will be a blur ...Rate it

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weeping willow remix
i am a weeping willow oh hear my cry everyday i wish to die everything i say is a big fat lie weeping willow here is your pillow you little wimp sm...Rate it

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Willow Lake
Daniel Millard
His tongue Lapping up Willow Lake Made ripples I rode them To the base of the mountain Where I sat on my throne A stump rising From the water King...Rate it

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Willow Waly!
William Schwenck Gilbert
[HE.] PRITHEE, pretty maiden - prithee, tell me true (Hey, but I'm doleful, willow, willow waly!) Have you e'er a lover a-dangling after you? Hey,...Rate it

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Duncan Campbell Scott
So in the shadow by the nimble flood He made her whistles of the willow wood, Flutes of one note with mellow slender tone; (A robin piping in the d...Rate it

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