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B. M. Stroud
A polar bear lost himself in the snow, crying, "Where did I go? Oh, where did I go?"Rate it

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Mark Strand
White By Mark Strand For Harold Bloom Now in the middle of my life all things are white. I walk under the trees, the frayed leaves, the wide net o...Rate it

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Karolina Marszałkowska
What the colours really are? Pink , blue , red and white Which means love , which means might? Purple, green, black and white They corrupted our si...Rate it

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The White Bird
Lola Ridge
Man of the flame-eyes And mouth with the bitter twist of in-grown laughter, And little bald man . . . whose seeming stillness Is akin to the veloci...Rate it

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The White Ships and the Red
Joyce Kilmer
(For Alden March) With drooping sail and pennant That never a wind may reach, They float in sunless waters Beside a sunless beach. Their mighty m...Rate it

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The White-Footed Deer
William Cullen Bryant
It was a hundred years ago, When, by the woodland ways, The traveller saw the wild deer drink, Or crop the birchen sprays. Beneath a hill, whose r...Rate it

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White Currants
Amy Lowell
Shall I give you white currants? I do not know why, but I have a sudden fancy for this fruit. At the moment, the idea of them cherishes my senses...Rate it

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White Fog
Sara Teasdale
Heaven-invading hills are drowned In wide moving waves of mist, Phlox before my door are wound In dripping wreaths of amethyst. Ten feet away the ...Rate it

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white lie
noor berber
i was nothing but a little white lie. i didn't want to be a pain i didn't want to worry you, i didn't want to be a pain it happened more than once...Rate it

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White Rose
Henrique A. Caldas
A mellow nose Gorgeous as the moon Mirrored in the lagoon Your skin is tender Your uniqueness is beauty Of previously not seeing your splendor You...Rate it

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As a white stone in the well's cool deepness
Anna Akhmatova
As a white stone in the well's cool deepness, There lays in me one wonderful remembrance. I am not able and don't want to miss this: It is my tortu...Rate it

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The White Cliffs
Alice Duer Miller
I I have loved England, dearly and deeply, Since that first morning, shining and pure, The white cliffs of Dover I saw rising steeply Out of th...Rate it

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The White Ship Henry I. Of England.—25th November 1120
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
By none but me can the tale be told, The butcher of Rouen, poor Berold. (Lands are swayed by a King on a throne.) 'Twas a royal train put forth to ...Rate it

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Your White Knight in Shining Armor
James Maurer
I am your white knight in shining armor, I tried to rescue you from the high tower, you were waving a white cloth torn from your bed, I tried to cl...Rate it

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A White Rose
John Boyle O'Reilly
THE red rose whispers of passion, And the white rose breathes of love; O, the red rose is a falcon, And the white rose is a dove. But I send y...Rate it

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The White Wido
James Stephens
The moon comes every night to peep Through the window where I lie, And I pretend to be asleep; But I watch the moon as it goes by, And it never...Rate it

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. . . and filled with a shrouded white light
Robert E. Bell
Isn't it a tragedy when a person never gathered enough capable knowledge during their length of time deliberately rebelling against it?" said ...Rate it

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A Christmas Carol, Sung to the King in the Presence at White-Hall
Robert Herrick
Chorus. What sweeter music can we bring, Than a Carol, for to sing The Birth of this our heavenly King? Awake the Voice! Awake the String! Hea...Rate it

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A New Girl Up At White’s
Edward George Dyson
THERE’S a fresh track down the paddock Through the lightwoods to the creek, And I notice Billy Craddock And Maloney do not speak, And The Snag is s...Rate it

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A Prologue To The Scholars. A Comaedy Presented At The White Fryers
Richard Lovelace
A gentleman, to give us somewhat new, Hath brought up OXFORD with him to show you; Pray be not frighted--Tho the scaene and gown's The Universities...Rate it

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A Rainbow, in Black and White
chloe angle
When I met you, My heart skipped a beat. When I met you, The world exploded. When I met you, I realized, my whole life, Had always been seen, Felt,...Rate it

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A Red White And Blue Time
David Smith
The break did come From the rain to the setting sun As people and folks had planned For a long holiday weekend to come As groups of friends and f...Rate it

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A Sculpture In White
Emile Pinet
Ebony shadows the heavens, above a sculpture in white. And the moon enhances the scene, beaming down its golden light. Clothed in feathery down, t...Rate it

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A Snow-White Lily
Alfred Austin
There was a snow-white lily Grew by a cottage door: Such a white and wonderful lily Never was seen before. The earth and the ether brought it Sust...Rate it

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A White Bedroom
Duyen Nguyen
I like to stretch across the floor And stare at the painted tiles up above To outline the crevices with my eyes And feel the gritty white using the...Rate it

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