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Harriet Monroe
Oh, hero of our younger race! Great builder of a temple new! Ruler, who sought no lordly place! Warrior who sheathed the sword he drew! Lover of m...Rate it

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Robert Smith
You ask what land, I love the best Washington, its Washington The fairest land, in all the west Washington, yes Washington A land where trees, gro...Rate it

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Lincoln Monument: Washington
Langston Hughes
Let's go see Old Abe Sitting in the marble and the moonlight, Sitting lonely in the marble and the moonlight, Quiet for ten thousand centuries, old...Rate it

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An Inscription (For a Proposed Monument in Washington)
Ambrose Bierce
Erected to 'Boss' Shepherd by the dear Good folk he lived and moved among in peace Guarded on either hand by the police, With soldiers in his front...Rate it

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At Washington
John Greenleaf Whittier
WITH a cold and wintry noon-light. On its roofs and steeples shed, Shadows weaving with t e sunlight From the gray sky overhead, Broadly, vaguely, ...Rate it

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Booker T. Washington
Paul Laurence Dunbar
The word is writ that he who runs may read. What is the passing breath of earthly fame? But to snatch glory from the hands of blame-- That is to be...Rate it

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Seema Tabassum Ali
My love for England and my love for Jesus Christ prompts me to write this Poem. Dipper.T.Washington was a nice Ol' juy,...Rate it

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Dr. Booker T. Washington to the National Negro Business League
Joseph Seamon Cotter Sr.
’Tis strange indeed to hear us plead For selling and for buying When yesterday we said: “Away With all good things but dying.” The world’s a...Rate it

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George Washington
William F Kirk
Yeorge Vashington ban honest man. Ven dis har country first began, Yeorge ban a yen'ral, and yu bet Dese English fallers know it yet. Ven he ban sm...Rate it

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George Washington
Jeremy Ethan Tims
George,George no time to spare, George,George to cross the Delaware, George,George you stand so tall, George,George through ice and all, George,G...Rate it

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His Excellency General Washington
Phillis Wheatley
Celestial choir! enthron'd in realms of light, Columbia's scenes of glorious toils I write. While freedom's cause her anxious breast alarms, She fl...Rate it

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Martha Washington
Sidney Lanier
Written for the "Martha Washington Court Journal". Down cold snow-stretches of our bitter time, When windy shams and the rain-mocking sleet Of Tr...Rate it

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Song Composed For Washington's Birthday
Henry Timrod
A hundred years and more ago A little child was born -- To-day, with pomp of martial show, We hail his natal morn. Who guessed as that poor infant...Rate it

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The Booker Washington Trilogy
Vachel Lindsay
I. A NEGRO SERMON:—SIMON LEGREE (To be read in your own variety of negro dialect.) Legree's big house was white and green. His cotton-fields were...Rate it

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The Vow Of Washington
John Greenleaf Whittier
The sword was sheathed: in April's sun Lay green the fields by Freedom won; And severed sections, weary of debates, Joined hands at last and were U...Rate it

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Washington and Lincoln
Henry Clay Work
Come, happy people! Oh come let us tell The story of Washinton and Lincoln! History's pages can never excel The story of Washington and Lincoln. Do...Rate it

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Washington McNeely
Edgar Lee Masters
Rich, honored by my fellow citizens, The father of many children, born of a noble mother, All raised there In the great mansion-house, at the edge ...Rate it

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Why Washington Retreated
Ellis Parker Butler
Said Congress to George Washington: "To set this country free, You'll have to whip the Britishers And chase them o'er the sea." "Oh, very well," sa...Rate it

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