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Nikhil Parekh
A garden of voluptuously endless scent; sprouting into a bountiful maze of tantalizing color and vibrancy; every unleashing minute of the panoramic...Rate it

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Hakikur Rahman
Woman (English) Hakikur Rahman Hello woman Enfolded me in what an illusion, Shortly, What fascination you have spread- In thrilled string, in the ...Rate it

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Give us that grand word ‘woman’ once again, And let’s have done with ‘lady’: one’s a term Full of fine force, strong, beautiful, and firm, Fit fo...Rate it

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K.V Srikanth
Woman in Life A matter of Pride Sexual divide Only in the head Seeking a career Striving like anyother But only harder Capabilities in order Abil...Rate it

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Love And Beauty: III: To A Fair Woman, Unsatisfied With Woman's Work
Sydney Thompson Dobell
If Beauty is a name for visible Love, And Love for Beauty in the conscious soul, Which when commoving to its highest whole, Or making that whole pa...Rate it

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Woman To Woman
Dynisha Cole
Mom, I once wished you had said, "Babies bring stretch marks and widen your feet." Yet, I would not have known how far I could walk or how long I c...Rate it

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A Woman's Last Word
Robert Browning
I. Let's contend no more, Love, Strive nor weep: All be as before, Love, ---Only sleep! II. What so wild as words are? I and thou In deba...Rate it

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woman on the street
Charles Bukowski
her shoes themselves would light my room like many candles. she walks like all things shining on glass, like all things that make a difference. s...Rate it

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Woman what I love
Brenden Pettingill
women what I love the waves and curves and soft linen to disguise what lies beneath my gaze surfs, in lines up and down from bottom to crown the s...Rate it

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"A woman caused all wars."
Dwight Drummond
As a person whoever u call yurselves never let a man go without u regardless of what he says sex is the key to life you don't have to be married to...Rate it

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"Never trust a Gullible woman."
Dwight Drummond
Never trust a woman who uses your possessions as gain for herself while causing your Happiness to negate the reality to be free from her bondage......Rate it

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A Elegant Woman
Adran I. Richards
Like the wind in the morning refreshing and pure, you brighten my days of this I'm sure, even at nights I can still see your face, a smile that bea...Rate it

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A Woman
John Greenleaf Whittier
Oh, dwarfed and wronged, and stained with ill, Behold! thou art a woman still! And, by that sacred name and dear, I bid thy better self appear. Sti...Rate it

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A Woman Waits For Me
Walt Whitman
A WOMAN waits for me--she contains all, nothing is lacking, Yet all were lacking, if sex were lacking, or if the moisture of the ri...Rate it

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A Woman’s Apology
Alfred Austin
In the green darkness of a summer wood, Wherethro' ran winding ways, a lady stood, Carved from the air in curving womanhood. A maiden's form crown...Rate it

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Good Woman
King B Boone
Dedicated to my fiancee Lawanda D. Mayes It may be many good men but you meet just a few. A good man will stay loyal and be true through and throu...Rate it

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Man and Woman
Arthur Henry Adams
[ According to Maori mythology, the god Tiki created Man by taking a piece of clay and moistening it with his own blood. Woman was the offspring of...Rate it

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On The Portrait Of A Beautiful Woman,
Count Giacomo Leopardi
CARVED ON HER MONUMENT. Such _wast_ thou: now in earth below, Dust and a skeleton thou art. Above thy bones and clay, Here vainly placed by loving...Rate it

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The Heart Of The Woman
William Butler Yeats
O WHAT to me the little room That was brimmed up with prayer and rest; He bade me out into the gloom, And my breast lies upon his breast. O what to...Rate it

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The Woman In The Rye
Thomas Hardy
'Why do you stand in the dripping rye, Cold-lipped, unconscious, wet to the knee, When there are firesides near?' said I. 'I told him I wished him ...Rate it

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There Lies a Woman
Ludy Bührs
There, in front of the old pagoda, lies a woman. She blocks the driveway quietly on her side. The local traffic passes by like a hoodlum. They seem...Rate it

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Mystery Woman
Markus Grier
The feeling and the urge I really want to splurge Your shape and movements distract me There is nothing else that I want to see I want you, for my ...Rate it

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A Whi lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllte woman
Waheeb Nadeem Wahbah
You are a name sprouting on the mouth of God You are above poetry... Above roses, Abobnkbnpbnpbipobpobkjve creation and birth... nmnmnmmmmmmmmmmm...Rate it

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Indian Woman's Death-Song
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Non, je ne puis vivre avec un coeur brisé® Il faut que je retrouve la joie, et que je m'unisse aux esprits libres de l'air. Bride of Messina , M...Rate it

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The Farm Woman's Winter
Thomas Hardy
I If seasons all were summers, And leaves would never fall, And hopping casement-comers Were foodless not at all, And fragile folk might be he...Rate it

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