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Donka Kristeva
Like a child, expect, see completion, rejoice, praise, Heaven's gift protect.Rate it

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Destiny Unseen
Kurt Philip Behm
Everyone has to be somewhere the lucky get to choose Fate can smile or fate can frown the tally win or lose Everyone has to be somewhere un...Rate it

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Inscriptions: VIII: Ye Powers Unseen
Mark Akenside
Ye powers unseen, to whom, the bards of Greece Erected altars; ye who to the mind More lofty views unfold, and prompt the heart With more divine em...Rate it

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Sight Unseen
Kurt Philip Behm
It’s 2:00 a.m. in the darkness, and I’m lost in who I am The night little comfort against a dawn, that waits for me again It’s 2:00 a.m. in refle...Rate it

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The Beast Unseen
The Beast Unseen
The Beast Unseen Lying in wait, patiently silently following every move, Unseen by most, till a moment before a strike, then silence you lose, C...Rate it

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The Unseen City
Marietta Holley
Not far away does that bright city stand, 'Tis but the mist o'er its dividing stream, That wraps the glory of its glitt'ring strand, Its radiant sk...Rate it

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The Unseen Playmate
Robert Louis Stevenson
When children are playing alone on the green, In comes the playmate that never was seen. When children are happy and lonely and good, The Friend...Rate it

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There is a morn by men unseen
Emily Dickinson
There is a morn by men unseen— Whose maids upon remoter green Keep their Seraphic May— And all day long, with dance and game, And gambol I may neve...Rate it

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