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As sure as the sun rises and the flowers bloom each spring I'll always be there for you to do most anything For the way you showed me your caring ...Rate it

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The Sun—just touched the Morning
Emily Dickinson
The Sun—just touched the Morning— The Morning—Happy thing— Supposed that He had come to dwell— And Life would all be Spring! She felt herself supr...Rate it

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Touched by Eternity
Donka Kristeva
Man stood in the gap and grieved for the friend he never had, for mother and father-- not present in heart. Disguised as a loner, he raged and rebe...Rate it

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He touched me, so I live to know
Emily Dickinson
He touched me, so I live to know That such a day, permitted so, I groped upon his breast— It was a boundless place to me And silenced, as the awful...Rate it

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Most she touched me by her muteness
Emily Dickinson
Most she touched me by her muteness— Most she won me by the way She presented her small figure— Plea itself—for Charity— Were a Crumb my whole pos...Rate it

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Our Souls Have Touched Each Other
Mathilde Blind
Our souls have touched each other, Two fountains from one jet; Like children of one mother Our leaping thoughts have met. We were as far asund...Rate it

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Touched again
Jade Monty O'Neill
And when I again rest your hand in mine After all that's said, after all this time. When again you will feel the warmth of my touch Then you wil...Rate it

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Touched By A Demon
Kurt Philip Behm
Dancing with the devil. we waltzed across the floor Past the spot the band was playing, through the open door The darkness called to him by name,...Rate it

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When I Touched Your Omnipresent Feet
Nikhil Parekh
When I shook hands with your Omnipotent grace; I felt as if I had shaken hands with the entire world, When I ran with you on the shimmering sea s...Rate it

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Your Looks Have Touched My Soul
Mathilde Blind
Your looks have touched my soul with bright Ineffable emotion; As moonbeams on a stormy night Illume with transitory light A seagull on her lon...Rate it

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