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Henrik Johan Ibsen
HER griefs were the hours When my struggle was sore,-- Her joys were the powers That the climber upbore. Her home is the boundless Free ocean...Rate it

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"no thanks"
Steven Louis Chapman
You came through with your words, I am with you my son I am in your heart. You sent me an angel to comfort my naivety. Nothing could prepare me for...Rate it

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A tribute of thanks to LoL
Captain Teemo
Founded in Brasil Created from the thousand suns Morde is number one - For those that understandRate it

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And Thanks So Much For Reading
David Smith
Seven hundred ninty Is the current number of poems That i'm listed on this here web-site As the numbers will or haven't stopped The poems,storie...Rate it

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Finally A word of THANKS TO all on Poetry.com
Saroj Gupta
99.999 percent of my poems On this site Were Marked Abused till Today Funny thing is that Poems of William Wordsworth William Shakespete R W Emers...Rate it

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Give Thanks
Andy Lyle
Mountains rushing towards the heavens Grass so green it hurts your eyes When the sun breaks through to light it From the grey cloud covered sky San...Rate it

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Happy thanks giving
Amir Samji
Remember this day of blessing to bless others Bless materially or spiritually, it doesn't matter A sweet smile of yours, may change life of others ...Rate it

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Let Us Give Thanks
Hattie Howard
If we have lived another year And, counting friends by regiments Who share our love and confidence, Find no more broken ranks, For this let us give...Rate it

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mum thanks for everything.
jenbubblepop shermanater
You helped me grow over all these years You held me close when I shed tears You have been there for me from the start Held me tight within your hea...Rate it

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My special thanks to each and every poet - By Mohamed Fazloon
Mohamed Fazloon
My special thanks to each and every poet - By Mohamed Fazloon Today is another new beginning, I might have missed yesterday for new horizon, We...Rate it

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My Thanks,
John Greenleaf Whittier
ACCOMPANYING MANUSCRIPTS PRESENTED TO A FRIEND. 'T is said that in the Holy Land The angels of the place have blessed The pilgrim's bed of desert ...Rate it

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No Thanks
Ludy Bührs
As your life seemed to be over at the young age of only eleven due to a tumor in the brains but strong as you were, you survived and had to learn e...Rate it

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O give thanks to Him Who made
Josiah Conder
O give thanks to Him Who made Morning light and evening shade; Source and Giver of all good, Nightly sleep and daily food; Quickener of our wearied...Rate it

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Our Prayer of Thanks
Carl Sandburg
For the gladness here where the sun is shining at evening on the weeds at the river, Our prayer of thanks. For the laughter of children who tumb...Rate it

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Thanks and then
Craig Kirchner
‘J’ - How’s your game? With a twist - you remembered, it’s been a while. The chip says 6 months, it will be part of the tip. The holidays are quie...Rate it

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Thanks Eaten
Razon Santos
Carrot cake and pudding pie Shake and Bake and Turkey thighs more then eyes can eat Stuffing oven loving munching, crunching teeth oh what a splend...Rate it

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Thanks For Stayin'
Daniel Raines
Never should I have let you go, Never again, How could I just know? With experience that I've had, With driving people away. But I thank God it w...Rate it

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Thanks For The Fantasy
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Although it didn't happen, the fantasy was fine of candle-glowing dinners toasting our fates with wine Although it didn't happen, the fantasy was ...Rate it

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Thanks for the novel Valery Alalykin
John Templeton
Thanks for the novel Painfully I waited for you at the sea. The evening breeze is breathed sadly from a land. You have so and not come this time. A...Rate it

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Thanks for your good life.
Larry Covington
At the first cry for help We turn our back, afraid to see the pain in those eyes Quickly walking for distance from life's cruel touch What must Go...Rate it

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Thanks God!
Thuy Trang Nguyen
Thanks God for giving me everything i need everything i want and everything good for me. Thanks God for giving me love through my parents, the gre...Rate it

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Summer Trinks
Thanks for the help. I hope you didn't yelp. Oh. How much I love you? I wonder how much you knew! Oh, I love you. You love me too. Thank you. You c...Rate it

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Summer Trinks
As I saw, People who loved me, Just as time just as halt, I guess I should just agree. I love who I loved, With all my heart, Even tho, Everywhere...Rate it

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The Pariah - The Pariah's Thanks
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
MIGHTY Brama, now I'll bless thee! 'Tis from thee that worlds proceed! As my ruler I confess thee, For of all thou takest heed. All thy thousand...Rate it

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The Vote of Thanks Debate
Henry Lawson
The Other Night I got the blues and tried to smile in vain. I couldn’t chuck a chuckle at the foolery of Twain; When Ward and Billings failed to br...Rate it

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