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James McIntyre
Poets they do pursue each theme Under a gentle head of steam, Save one, who needed fierce fire on, The brilliant, passionate Byron. His Child Haro...Rate it

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Thomas Bailey Aldrich
I Shakespeare and Milton--what third blazoned name Shall lips of after-ages link to these? His who, beside the wide encircling seas, Was Englan...Rate it

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To Alfred Tennyson - 1883
Robert Fuller Murray
Familiar with thy melody, We go debating of its power, As churls, who hear it hour by hour, Contemn the skylark's minstrelsy - As shepherds on a H...Rate it

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A Tennyson Fragment
Robert Fuller Murray
So in the village inn the poet dwelt. His honey-dew was gone; only the pouch, His cousin's work, her empty labour, left. But still he sniffed it, s...Rate it

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Alfred Tennyson
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Tears, idle tears! Ah, who shall bid us weep, Now that thy lyre, O prophet, is unstrung? What voice shall rouse the dull world from its sleep And l...Rate it

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Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Dorothy Parker
Should Heaven send me any son, I hope he's not like Tennyson. I'd rather have him play a fiddle Than rise and bow and speak an idyll. Rate it

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Behind the Bar - a Desecration of Tennyson
Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant
Gray eyes and gamboge hair! One barmaid of 'The Crown'! Ah, will that beaming siren still be there When I go next to town? - When over-night ...Rate it

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California On The Passing Of Tennyson
Joaquin Miller
All silent.... So, he lies in state.... Our redwoods drip and drip with rain.... Against our rock-locked Golden Gate We hear the great, sad, sobbin...Rate it

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Death and Burial of Lord Tennyson
William Topaz McGonagall
Alas! England now mourns for her poet that's gone- The late and the good Lord Tennyson. I hope his soul has fled to heaven above, Where there is ev...Rate it

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I Entreat You, Alfred Tennyson
Walter Savage Landor
I entreat you, Alfred Tennyson, Come and share my haunch of venison. I have too a bin of claret, Good, but better when you share it. Tho' 'tis ...Rate it

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Lord Tennyson.
Ramakrishna T
A poet of my native land has said - The life the good and virtuous lead on earth Is like the black-eyed maiden of the East, Who paints the lids to ...Rate it

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Parody of Tennyson'sTo Edward Lear on His Travels in Greece
Edward Lear
Delirious Bulldogs; -- echoing calls My daughter, -- green as summer grass; -- The long supine Plebeian ass, The nasty crockery boring falls; -- T...Rate it

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To A Critic Of Tennyson
Ambrose Bierce
Affronting fool, subdue your transient light; When Wisdom's dull dares Folly to be bright: If Genius stumble in the path to fame, 'Tis decency in d...Rate it

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To Alfred Tennyson
Alfred Austin
Poet! in other lands, when Spring no more Gleams o'er the grass, nor in the thicket-side Plays at being lost and laughs to be descried, And blooms ...Rate it

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To Lord Tennyson
William Watson
(WITH A VOLUME OF VERSE) Master and mage, our prince of song, whom Time, In this your autumn mellow and serene, Crowns ever with fresh laurels, no...Rate it

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