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Mathilde Blind
Oh ye, all ye, who suffer here below, Schooled in the baffling mystery of pain, Who on life's anvil bear the fateful strain, Wrong as forged iro...Rate it

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A Suffering God
Joseph Horatio Chant
Man is like God in miniature, When he is at his best; His motives and impulses pure, His heart and will at rest; No conflict in himself is felt, Hi...Rate it

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Alchemy Of Suffering
Charles Baudelaire
One's ardour, Nature, makes you bright, One finds within you mourning, grief! What speaks to one of tombs and death Says to the other, Splendour! L...Rate it

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Love Increased By Suffering
William Cowper
'I love the Lord,' is still the strain This heart delights to sing: But I reply--your thoughts are vain, Perhaps 'tis no such thing. Before the po...Rate it

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Silently Suffering
Leonard Castillo
Deafening silence is overpowering Suffering alone with out One who was now is less Life in abundance bountiful Lost on the byways of broken dreams ...Rate it

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Such Suffering
Yvette Sayles
Such suffering within can only be revealed, By crying out for help and being willing not to conceal. The fear and pain inside of thee. The soul c...Rate it

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Through the strait pass of suffering
Emily Dickinson
Through the strait pass of suffering— The Martyrs—even—trod. Their feet—upon Temptations— Their faces—upon God— A stately—shriven—Company— Con vul...Rate it

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When Coldness Wraps This Suffering Clay
George Gordon Lord Byron
When coldness wraps this suffering clay, Ah! whither strays the immortal mind? It cannot die, it cannot stay, But leaves its darken'd dust behind. ...Rate it

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