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Elizabeth L Baker
I wanted for my child to be bilingual, to blaspheme in multiple mother tongues. He has mastered Spanish ahead of me, and written a letter home fro...Rate it

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War-Song Of The Spanish Patriots
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
YE who burn with glory's flame! Ye who love the Patriot's fame; Ye who scorn oppressive might, Rise! in freedom's cause unite; Castilians rise! Har...Rate it

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The Spanish Needle
Claude McKay
Lovely dainty Spanish needle With your yellow flower and white, Dew bedecked and softly sleeping, Do you think of me to-night? Shadowed by the...Rate it

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Serenade from “The Spanish Student”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
STARS of the summer night! Far in yon azure deeps, Hide, hide your golden light! She sleeps! My lady sleeps! Sleeps! Moon of the summer night! Fa...Rate it

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The Spanish Dancer
Rainer Maria Rilke
As on all its sides a kitchen-match darts white flickering tongues before it bursts into flame: with the audience around her, quickened, hot, her d...Rate it

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A Preaching From A Spanish Ballad
George Meredith
I Ladies who in chains of wedlock Chafe at an unequal yoke, Not to nightingales give hearing; Better this, the raven's croak. II Down the Prado ...Rate it

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A Spanish Love Song
Henry Kendall
From Andalusian gardens I bring the rose and rue, And leaves of subtle odour, To weave a gift for you. You’ll know the reason wherefore ...Rate it

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After Spanish Proverb
Dorothy Parker
Oh, mercifullest one of all, Oh, generous as dear, None lived so lowly, none so small, Thou couldst withhold thy tear: How swift, in pure comp...Rate it

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Amor Mysticus. Translations. From The Spanish Of Sor Marcela De Carpio.
John Milton Hay
Let them say to my Lover That here I lie! The thing of His pleasure, His slave am I. Say that I seek Him Only for love, And welcome are torture...Rate it

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At The Grave Of A Spanish Friend
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Here lies who of two mighty realms was free; The English-Spaniard, who lived England's good With such a Spain of splendour in the blood As, flaming...Rate it

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Broken Spanish
Stuart A. Chasmar
Sunburned and Blind to the beggars Offering sin and sisters We moved among the Santos and Windmills made of coffee cans Spread on vibrant blankets ...Rate it

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Coplas De Manrique (From The Spanish)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
O let the soul her slumbers break, Let thought be quickened, and awake; Awake to see How soon this life is past and gone, And death comes softly st...Rate it

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From The Spanish
James Weldon Johnson
Twenty years go by on noiseless feet, He returns, and once again they meet, She exclaims, 'Good heavens! and is that he?' He mutters, 'My God! and ...Rate it

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From The Spanish Cancioneros
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I. Eyes so tristful, eyes so tristful, Heart so full of care and cumber, I was lapped in rest and slumber, Ye have made me wakeful, wistful! In...Rate it

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From The Spanish Of Pedro De Castro Y Anaya
William Cullen Bryant
Stay, rivulet, nor haste to leave The lovely vale that lies around thee. Why wouldst thou be a sea at eve, When but a fount the morning found thee?...Rate it

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From The Spanish Of Placido
James Weldon Johnson
Enough of love! Let break its every hold! Ended my youthful folly! for I know That, like the dazzling, glister-shedding snow, Celia, thou art beaut...Rate it

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From The Spanish Of Villegas
William Cullen Bryant
'Tis sweet, in the green Spring, To gaze upon the wakening fields around; Birds in the thicket sing, Winds whisper, waters prattle from the ground;...Rate it

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Old Spanish Song
Eugene Field
I'm thinking of the wooing That won my maiden heart When he--he came pursuing A love unused to art. Into the drowsy river The moon transported flun...Rate it

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On a Spanish Cathedral
Henry Kendall
DEEP under the spires of a hill, by the feet of the thunder-cloud trod, I pause in a luminous, still, magnificent temple of God! At the steps of th...Rate it

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Santa Teresa's Bookmark. (From The Spanish Of Santa Teresa)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Let nothing disturb thee, Nothing affright thee All things are passing; God never changeth; Patient endurance Attaineth to all things; Who God poss...Rate it

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Soliloquy Of The Spanish Cloister
Robert Browning
I. Gr-r-r---there go, my heart's abhorrence! Water your damned flower-pots, do! If hate killed men, Brother Lawrence, God's blood, would not m...Rate it

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Song From The Spanish Of Iglesias
William Cullen Bryant
Alexis calls me cruel; The rifted crags that hold The gathered ice of winter, He says, are not more cold. When even the very blossoms Around the f...Rate it

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Song. (From The Spanish)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Ah, Love! Perjured, false, treacherous Love! Enemy Of all that mankind may not rue! Most untrue To him who keeps most faith with thee. Woe is me! T...Rate it

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Spanish Guerillas
William Wordsworth
THEY seek, are sought; to daily battle led, Shrink not, though far outnumbered by their Foes, For they have learnt to open and to close The ridges ...Rate it

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Spanish Men
Robert William Service
The Men of Seville are, they say, The laziest of Spain. Consummate artists in delay, Allergical to strain; Fr if you have a job for them, And beg t...Rate it

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