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Faith S. Hudson
Sisters are forever I love you dearly She is like Sunshine To a cloudy Day Elizabeth is her name Rejoice in the LORD everyday. ...Rate it

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we fight with each other, we love each other, we help each other, we argue with each other, but during difficult times, we come together. she is ...Rate it

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A Tribute to my sister in law who was a sister and friend taken by cancer
Joan White
It doesn't seem like my sweet friend is really gone taken from us all to early beyond the clouds the stars, to home I saw Tyra on a bike talking t...Rate it

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Sister to Sister
Sydney Thompson Dobell
'When I received that love which is a face, When I perceived that face which is a love, Two voices, like those two old nations, strove Within my he...Rate it

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Smile Sister | KulDeep Sharma | Short Poem For My Sister
KulDeep Sharma
Poem: Smile Sister Writer: KulDeep Sharma YoGita Jesi Dekhi Thi Zindgi Ki Raah Me Pata Nahi Khuda Ko Isi Raste Me Bhejana Tha, Jaha Mera Aana Jan...Rate it

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For My Sister Molly Who in the Fifties
Alice Walker
Once made a fairy rooster from Mashed potatoes Whose eyes I forget But green onions were his tail And his two legs were carrot sticks A tomato...Rate it

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Brother and Sister
George Eliot
I. I cannot choose but think upon the time When our two lives grew like two buds that kiss At lightest thrill from the bee's swinging chime, Be...Rate it

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The Book Of Hours Of Sister Clotilde
Amy Lowell
The Bell in the convent tower swung. High overhead the great sun hung, A navel for the curving sky. The air was a blue clarity. Swallows flew, And ...Rate it

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To The Sister I Never Knew
To the sister I never knew, I hope you are having a great time up in heaven watching over the rest of your family. To the sister I never knew, eve...Rate it

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Brother And Sister
Lewis Carroll
"SISTER, sister, go to bed! Go and rest your weary head." Thus the prudent brother said. "Do you want a battered hide, Or scratches to your fa...Rate it

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My Sister Laura
Spike Milligan
My sister Laura's bigger than me And lifts me up quite easily. I can't lift her, I've tried and tried; She must have something heavy inside.Rate it

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...................little sister.....is gone....................
Akira Anderson
little sister little sister be gone my prayer every day not that you are gone from me i cry beg and plee i think of you with me and fallto my kne...Rate it

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A brother or a sister of mine.
Abdinasir Abdulkadir Sheikh
You are a brother or a sister of mine even before the creation of time. We are the the decedents of Adam and Eve who are the creation of the Almig...Rate it

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A Poem For My Little Sister
Diane JacksonBaul
"A poem for MY LITTLESISTER" Even though we are miles apart in our thinking I will always be there I'm your Big Sister. For that reason I will ...Rate it

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About the Little Girl that Beat Her Sister
Ann Taylor
Go, go, my naughty girl, and kiss Your little sister dear; I must not have such things as this, And noisy quarrels here. What! little children s...Rate it

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Adorable Sister
Nikhil Parekh
Tangily mischievous; yet supremely compatible whenever I needed her the most, Boisterously bouncing; yet profoundly empathizing with the myriad o...Rate it

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An Elegie. On The Death Of Mrs. Cassandra Cotton, Only Sister To Mr. C. Cotton.
Richard Lovelace
Hither with hallowed steps as is the ground, That must enshrine this saint with lookes profound, And sad aspects as the dark vails you weare, Virgi...Rate it

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Baby sister back then, today my everything.
Elizabeth King
She was my baby sister then, I remember kissing her beautiful face. She made me feel so loved, something that I would never replace. I would always...Rate it

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Betty Ong A Friend and sister we lost
Samantha Erickson
a woman once told me that to be someone you need to have someone by you at all times Betty you were the one who was always there for me. Until that...Rate it

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Brighten’s Sister-In-Law [or The Carrier's Story]
Henry Lawson
AT A POINT where the old road crosses The river, and turns to the right, I’d camped with the team; and the hosses Was all fixed up for the night. I...Rate it

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Brother and Sister
David Herbert Lawrence
The shorn moon trembling indistinct on her path, Frail as a scar upon the pale blue sky, Draws towards the downward slope: some sorrow hath Worn h...Rate it

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Christ's Little Sister
John Bannister Tabb
Little Sister of the Poor, Asking alms from door to door, Ever on you go; Clothed in the garb of meekness, Finding strength in others' weakness, So...Rate it

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Defiant ( Written for my sister Juana)
C Castro
In this life I learned to be defiant You say I'm micro but I say I'm a giant You told me I wouldn't walk and I out ran you all Uplifting my spir...Rate it

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Fancy Of The Muse (in memory of Karen, my sister)
Wallace Dean LaBenne
In the breakers of the sea you hop on wave and surf Watching you is for esprit though now clear of the earth In the darkness of the night you danc...Rate it

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For My Younger Sister
Theresa Courtney Gillespie
Nine pounds of you burst to us Like hot cherries. Screeching Eagles and cat fight fragments Leap and fleck with you, not like Mist but less and mor...Rate it

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