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Georg Trakl
Ruby-veins crept into the foliage. Then the pond was calm and wide. By the forest's edge brightly scattered Bluish speckles and brown dust lay. ...Rate it

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In Due Season
John McCrae
If night should come and find me at my toil, When all Life's day I had, tho' faintly, wrought, And shallow furrows, cleft in stony soil Were all ...Rate it

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A Season of Reflection
Guess it’s safe to say I’m now middle aged Fifty-three years old Every day numbered and paged You can call me old fashioned And you can call me ol...Rate it

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A Wet Season
Ambrose Bierce
The rain is fierce, it flogs the earth, And man's in danger. O that my mother at my birth Had borne a stranger! The flooded ground is all around. T...Rate it

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A Word In Season
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
THIS is a day the Lord hath made.'--Thus spake The good religious heart, unstained, unworn, Watching the golden glory of the morn.-- Since, on e...Rate it

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Amoretti XXII: This Holy Season
Edmund Spenser
This holy season, fit to fast and pray, Men to devotion ought to be inclin'd: Therefore I likewise on so holy day, For my sweet saint s...Rate it

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Cherish red, love, for the beautiful season is tinged with red!
Narsinh Mehta
Cherish red, love, for the beautiful season is tinged with red! Rosy is the glow on laughing Radha's teeth And scarlet are the bangles on her exqui...Rate it

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Good Night to the Season
Winthrop Mackworth Praed
Good-night to the Season!—the rages Led off by the chiefs of the throng, The Lady Matilda's new pages, The Lady Eliza's new song; Miss Fennel's Mac...Rate it

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In A Season Of Bereavement.
Eliza Paul Kirkbride Gurney
Bright summer comes, all bloom and flowers, To garland o'er her faded bowers; There's balm and sunshine on her wing, But where's the friend she use...Rate it

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In Due Season
John Alexander McCrae
If night should come and find me at my toil, When all Life's day I had, tho' faintly, wrought, And shallow furrows, cleft in stony soil Were all my...Rate it

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Modern Love XLV: It Is the Season
George Meredith
It is the season of the sweet wild rose, My Lady's emblem in the heart of me! So golden-crownèd shines she gloriously, And with that softest dre...Rate it

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My Faith In Season
Kurt Philip Behm
I don’t need flowers, to have a garden I just need seeds, where promise blossoms I don’t need pieces, to solve a puzzle I just need words...Rate it

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One Season Then When Summer Wakes
William Edward Night
A season and the shadows run To all the seasons left undone One season and the shadows find To every season left behind But then I find in summers ...Rate it

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Season of Loss
DeDe A. Reid and Storm E. Reid
It's mystifying; and it brings on a broken heavy heart.  When one of our loved ones is taken away  so early in life, and the  family feels torn ap...Rate it

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Season Of love
Nikhil Parekh
With it; descended petals of insatiable rhapsody from the sky; as the heavens opened full throttle to uninhibitedly shower blessings; upon its reve...Rate it

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Shooting Season
Robinson Jeffers
IN THE NORTH OF SCOTLAND The whole countryside deployed on the hills of heather, an army with banners, The beaters whoop the grouse to the butts. T...Rate it

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The 5th Season
Kurt Philip Behm
Can memory destroy vision, if the tables turn Can time surpass insight, as its distance churns Can faith supplant reason, from its place on...Rate it

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Robert Herrick
Dull to myself, and almost dead to these, My many fresh and fragrant mistresses; Lost to all music now, since every thing Puts on the semblance her...Rate it

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The Drought Season
Ehsan Sehgal
O my stranger Who understand the pain They do not cause the pain They do not mask themselves To create the wall Of the doubts and confusion The hea...Rate it

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The Rainy Season
The rainy season is abroad And the skirt of my dress is wet. You have gone off to distant lands, And my heart finds it unbearable. I keep sendi...Rate it

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The Season
Ada Cambridge
And must I wear a silken life, Hemmed in by city walls? And must I give my garden up For theatres and balls? Nay, though the cage be made of gold,...Rate it

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The Season Of Loves
Paul Eluard
By the road of ways In the three-part shadow of troubled sleep I come to you the double the multiple as like you as the era of deltas. Your head i...Rate it

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The Season Of The Harvest
Liam Ó Comáin
Like a fruit from foreign pastures The moon hangs above the hills, There is a sharpness in the breeze And long gone are the daffodils. In the ...Rate it

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The Soote Season
Henry Howard
The soote season, that bud and bloom forth brings, With green hath clad the hill and eke the vale; The nightingale with feathers new she sings, The...Rate it

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The Years Had Worn Their Season's Belt
George Meredith
The years had worn their seasons' belt, From bud to rosy prime, Since Nellie by the larch-pole knelt And helped the hop to climb. Most diligent of...Rate it

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