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Katherine Mansfield
The Sea called--I lay on the rocks and said: "I am come." She mocked and showed her teeth, Stretching out her long green arms. "Go away!" she thund...Rate it

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A Death At Sea. (Coral Sea, Australia.)
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
I. Dead in the sheep-pen he lies, Wrapped in an old brown sail. The smiling blue sea and the skies Know not sorrow nor wail. Dragged up...Rate it

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Sea of Fire, Sea of Blood
Wesley Morin
I'm a lost cause and you are a martyr You're fighting a war that's already been won Reaching back into the past I grasp and draw nothing back Fra...Rate it

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To Sea! To Sea!
Thomas Lovell Beddoes
TO sea, to sea! The calm is o'er; The wanton water leaps in sport, And rattles down the pebbly shore; The dolphin wheels, the sea-cow snorts, And...Rate it

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Sea of Stories
Nadin E. Hopfer
We’re living in a sea of stories, a mixture of beautiful tales, consciousness flowing through the writer’s feather, scribbling down the soul's song...Rate it

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Stars in the Sea
Roderic Quinn
I took a boat on a starry night and went for a row on the water, and she danced like a child on a wake of light and bowed where the ripples caug...Rate it

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The Lion and the Sea
T. Harper
As he sat gazing at the ocean blue His blood pumped and his heart flew Pondering thoughts he well knew That if he could just make it past those cra...Rate it

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After The Sea-Ship
Walt Whitman
AFTER the Sea-Ship--after the whistling winds; After the white-gray sails, taut to their spars and ropes, Below, a myriad, myriad waves, hast...Rate it

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Rudyard Kipling
There dwells a wife by the Northern Gate, And a wealthy wife is she; She breeds a breed o' rovin' men And casts them over sea. And some are drowne...Rate it

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The Sea
Jay-Ar Feolino de Veyra
High tide, low tide It's the cycle of its life where crustaceans and amphibians where the seagulls tribe It serves as the mirror of the sky and t...Rate it

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The Sea
Barry Cornwall
THE SEA! the sea! the open sea! The blue, the fresh, the ever free! Without a mark, without a bound, It runneth the earth’s wide regions roun...Rate it

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Tune-a- of the sea
Listen closely and quietly on this starry filled night. and you can hear the sea waves. Beating against the beach in rhythmic time stirring up t...Rate it

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Your Lover by the Sea
James Maurer
Your Lover by the Sea, overlooking the rocks as the waves crash the beach, I often think of you, though you don't really remember me, I tried to s...Rate it

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Plenty of fish in the sea
Jeremy corbyn
Fishy minge Oh fishy minge, Oh how you make me cringe. You put me right iff my tuna, I'll just have a lamb bhuna My father used to say to me, W...Rate it

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Bronze Trumpets and Sea Water - On Turning Latin into English
Elinor Morton Wylie
Alembics turn to stranger things Strange things, but never while we live Shall magic turn this bronze that sings To singing water in a sieve. T...Rate it

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The Deep-Sea Cables
Rudyard Kipling
The wrecks dissolve above us; their dust drops down from afar -- Down to the dark, to the utter dark, where the blind white sea-snakes are. There i...Rate it

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The Sea-Bird's Song
John Gardiner Calkins Brainard
On the deep is the mariner's danger, On the deep is the mariner's death; Who, to fear of the tempest a stranger, Sees the last bubble burst of his ...Rate it

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A Dead Sea-Gull
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
LACK-LUSTRE eye, and idle wing, And smirchèd breast that skims no more, White as the foam itself, the wave-- Hast thou not even a grave Upon th...Rate it

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A Sea Dirge
Lewis Carroll
There are certain things - as, a spider, a ghost, The income-tax, gout, an umbrella for three - That I hate, but the thing that I hate the most Is ...Rate it

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A Sea-Side Walk
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
We walked beside the sea, After a day which perished silently Of its own glory---like the Princess weird Who, combating the Genius, scorched and se...Rate it

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Dr. Sigmund Freud Discovers the Sea Shell
Archibald MacLeish
Science, that simple saint, cannot be bothered Figuring what anything is for: Enough for her devotions that things are And can be contemplated soon...Rate it

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Sunlight on the Sea
Adam Lindsay Gordon
[The Philosophy of a Feast] Make merry, comrades, eat and drink (The sunlight flickers on the sea), The garlands gleam, the glasses clink, The gr...Rate it

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"sea cruise"
Steven Louis Chapman
Awe dear heart, love never parts, our oceans in bloom, rests my tomb. Dolphins me, flowers for thee, resting in you, sunsets too. Shining thee, p...Rate it

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"Sea of Gold"
David Lynn Pierson
Once,I happened upon a field of wild daisies..... Well it had appeared as all others before... Just a bunch of pretty wild flowers by the score... ...Rate it

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2 Upon A Sea Of Love
Taleshia G MCcray
Just as the sun has started setting out across this wondrous land i spy a piece of driftwood washed up from the nigh before and right there before ...Rate it

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