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Charlotte Bailey
The flowers call to me, screaming to be noticed before I squish them. The animals scream, they don't want to be hurt, hurt by the gaint squishi...Rate it

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A Scream of a Dead Woman
I looked from behind my eyes To watch my new world . . . world of the dead. I held my breath. I looked left and right I saw that . . . The world ...Rate it

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From whisper to a scream
malenky malenky
Sometimes it's hard to say, words that have need, need more to explain, now I want to tell you, exactly how I feel, things I am about to tell, mo...Rate it

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Scream and Smile
I tried so hard to scare away my dreams of you But the pills hurt my throat So I pretended to swallow, and then spit them out when they'd turn away...Rate it

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Scream at the Fire
Brittani Bowden
Scream at the fire, let it all out Your cries and your problems will burn Yell at the fire, bawl your eyes out Your tears and your troubles will tu...Rate it

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Scream of a Man
Chrisitan Diable
I am a poor man Living in a poor land With a worse than poor chance Of being in a less than poor stance. My cat, so frail, is dying. Meine Frau, ...Rate it

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Step Scream
Vladislav Martynovitch
Step Scream Step forward and jump – Your Flight has begun: Let thrown be hump And free pushed the Run, And Scream, born of Moan, Released in the ...Rate it

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Englands allways gloomy and dark and its getting on her nerves Why cant we have some african sunshine they got plenty in reserve Oh how she wishe...Rate it

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Whisper & Scream
Kurt Philip Behm
Not ‘Classic’ Or ‘Beat’ But those naked Words That come to Me in my Dreams Each color Rejected The Rainbow Preferred Refusing to Choose Betwe...Rate it

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