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Address, Spoken At The Opening Of Drury-Lane Theatre. Saturday, October 10, 1812
George Gordon Lord Byron
In one dread night our city saw, and sigh'd, Bow'd to the dust, the Drama's tower of pride In one short hour beheld the blazing fane, Apollo sink, ...Rate it

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Black Saturday
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
They say a touch of spring is in the air; They say the wattle trees with bloom are gay; They say each garden now begins to wear (Not that I care) ...Rate it

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Cotter's Saturday Night, The
Robert Burns
Inscribed to Robert Aiken, Esq. Let not Ambition mock their useful toil, Their homely joys and destiny obscure; Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainf...Rate it

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Last Saturday
Lindsay Erin Hannah
you walking barefoot in the lingering morning eyes locked looking back lost time now found again in foreign lands reality budding (blue) like lilac...Rate it

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On a certain Saturday
Gordon Edmands Myers
On a certain Saturday I saw an angel We talked hours off in minutes But we were dragged back to our hell On a certain Saturday I laughed until I cr...Rate it

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One Saturday Morning Atop A Guava Tree
eliseo guerrero cervantes
One Saturday morning, when I was eight... Feeling "all by myself," atop a guava tree... Picking and, eating Some of its sweet and juicy yellow and,...Rate it

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Saturday Evening
John Newton
Safely through another week, God has brought us on our way; Let us now a blessing seek, On th' approaching Sabbath-day: Day of all the week the...Rate it

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Saturday family
Dawn D Mitchell
Saturday family cakes recipe is to easy toast the bread flowers and candy sheesh coffee eggs and bacon and toast cheese and grits pancakes and syru...Rate it

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Saturday morning
stan brierly
Within the kitchen there's shadows and light, Early morning sunshine is a pleasurable sight, The clock ticks as minutes pass by, Out the window the...Rate it

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Saturday Morning
Alexis Chontos
Telephone ringing. Sleeping late. Waking slowly. Ignore telephone.Rate it

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Saturday Morning in a Classmate's Garage
Kimberli Dawn Keller
My mother and I watched my sister spring ahead, giggling as she ran up the paved driveway like a puppy recognizing the sound of its owner scraping ...Rate it

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Saturday Night Poem
Ann M. Votaw
Through the damp fibers of a clingy August night -- royal blue -- there is space to touch me, lift my chin. I plead mute as a platter moon iced wit...Rate it

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Saturday Night Racing
Tia White
Your motor is roaring and your adrenaline is soaring. You watch with your eyes for the green flag to fly. Your blood starts pumping and your he...Rate it

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Saturday Paseo: Adelina
Federico García Lorca
Oranges do not grow in the sea neither is there love in Sevilla. You in Dark and the I the sun that's hot, loan me your parasol. I'll wear my jea...Rate it

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Saturday Song
Edith Nesbit
They talk about gardens of roses, And moonlight over the sea, And mountains and snow And sunsetty glow, But I know what is best for me. The prettie...Rate it

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Saturday stardust scat
Richard Stephan
In a manner of speaking this symbolic representation of my thought to this Word Tripping on the fantastic railroad tracks that criss-cross the brai...Rate it

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so, what are you doing saturday?
Mick Reid
SO, WHAT'RE YOU DOING ON SATURDAY? 2012 it's a beautiful sun shinning day what are you going to do today? hope not what you did on sunday or h...Rate it

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The Cotter's Saturday Night
Robert Burns
Inscribed to Robert Aiken, Esq. Let not Ambition mock their useful toil, Their homely joys and destiny obscure; Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainf...Rate it

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The Saturday Night Song
Julian Tuwim
Hooray, the echo will resound throughout the wide square, When a sincere drunkard's song emanates from my throat; Tonight I'll be lapping up a smok...Rate it

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The Shepherd's Week : Saturday; or, The Flights
John Gay
Bowzybeus. Sublimer strains, O rustic muse, prepare; Forget awhile the barn and dary's care; Thy homely voice to loftier numbers raise, The drunkar...Rate it

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The Village Saturday Night
Count Giacomo Leopardi
The damsel from the field returns, The sun is sinking in the west; Her bundle on her head she sets, And in her hand she bears A bunch of roses and ...Rate it

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