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The stone was hit on my head. I did not know who had thrown it. I have kept the stone with me. Seeing the stone i work with vigor and zeal. The sto...Rate it

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Black Stone on Top of a White Stone
Cesar Vallejo
I shall die in Paris, in a rainstorm, On a day I already remember. I shall die in Paris-- it does not bother me-- Doubtless on a Thursday, like tod...Rate it

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As a white stone in the well's cool deepness
Anna Akhmatova
As a white stone in the well's cool deepness, There lays in me one wonderful remembrance. I am not able and don't want to miss this: It is my tortu...Rate it

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A Stone I died
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
A stone I died and rose again a plant; A plant I died and rose an animal; I died an animal and was born a man. Why should I fear? What have I lost ...Rate it

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Untitled: Figure which has long dwelt in the coolness of sinister stone
Georg Trakl
Figure which has long dwelt in the coolness of sinister stone Opens the pale mouth sounding Round owl's eyes - sounding gold. Those found the ca...Rate it

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Stone Breaking
Duncan Campbell Scott
March wind rough Clashed the trees, Flung the snow; Breaking stones, In the cold, Germans slow Toiled and toiled; Arrowy sun Glanced and sprang, On...Rate it

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The Brass-Pot And Stone-Jugg
Anne Kingsmill Finch
A brazen Pot, by scouring vext, With Beef and Pudding still perplext, Resolv'd t' attempt a nobler Life, Urging the Jugg to share the Strife: Bro...Rate it

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'Stone the Crows'
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'Why stone the crows!' 'e sez. 'I like 'er style, But alwiz, some'ow, women 'ave appeared Set fer to 'old me orf a 'arf a mile. I dunno wot's agin...Rate it

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A grave stone
Osman Abed alaty Hasan
Write over my gravestone ''He was a good son'' At the dawn he was born He left with the sun He was a king without a throne He was just simply ...Rate it

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A Little Stone-Blind Schnauzer
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Every morning on my walk a friend greets me in style. A little stone-blind schnauzer flashes his wagtail smile. He compensates for his sight with ...Rate it

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A New Stone
Kurt Philip Behm
Standing alone on the altar’s first step, apprenticeship dethroned Indentured anew, my eyes turn inward, disarmed, but not disowned A quarter to ...Rate it

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A Rolling Stone
Robert William Service
There's sunshine in the heart of me, My blood sings in the breeze; The mountains are a part of me, I'm fellow to the trees. My golden youth I'm squ...Rate it

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Alleyways Of Stone
Kurt Philip Behm
A highway of regret… an avenue of denial A boulevard of hopes and dreams where footsteps have defiled A thoroughfare of wanton time each ch...Rate it

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Altar Stone
michael walker
Silent flow sweet river Wye, banks upon lay ruins curst watched years of mankind's fear, Cistercian sect now lays success ruled principles, simple ...Rate it

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An Epitaph on Niobe turned to Stone
Henry King
This Pile thou seest built out of Flesh, not Stone, Contains no shroud within, nor mouldring bone: This bloodless Trunk is destitute of Tombe Wh...Rate it

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Another Inscription For A Stone Erected On A Similar Occasion At The Same Place In The Following Year.
William Cowper
Reader! behold a monument That asks no sigh or tear, Though it perpetuate the event Of a great burial here. June 1790. Anno 1791.Rate it

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As a White Stone
Anna Akhmatova
As a white stone in the well's cool deepness, There lays in me one wonderful remembrance. I am not able and don't want to miss this: It is my tortu...Rate it

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as stone
Bill chance
You ask me on day why I don't cry, I told you I'm dried up or some kind of lie. I built it up like I'm strong as stone, but to see me here all alon...Rate it

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By The Hearth-Stone
Sir Henry Newbolt
By the hearth-stone She sits alone, The long night bearing: With eyes that gleam Into the dream Of the firelight staring. Low and more low The dyi...Rate it

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Carved In Stone
Emile Pinet
The sea breathes in and out, lapping at the shores of doubt. While I look for traces of God, among the stars scattered about. Tracing the path mar...Rate it

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cold as stone
Prince Saremu
Seven years of love and now she's gone Seven years of love hard to carry on Now she is living new life And Um living my life in unknown wish I...Rate it

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Concerning the Philosophers Stone. ( alchemical verse .)
John Gower
. And also with great diligence, Thei fonde thilke Experience: Which cleped is Alconomie, Whereof the Silver multiplie; Thei made, and eke the Gol...Rate it

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Coursed In Stone
Kurt Philip Behm
You have money in the bank, but you’ll never be rich With the power to buy and sell though yourself disowned Those things today and then tomo...Rate it

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David's Stone
Kurt Philip Behm
From the rock of ages, —a pebble thrown A thundering crash, —from David’s stone (Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016) Psalm 71:1-3 'From The Book ...Rate it

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From The Philosopher’s Stone
Hans Christian Andersen
Now she heard the following words sadly sung,— “Life is a shadow that flits away In a night of darkness and woe.” But then would follow bright...Rate it

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