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Wilfred Owen
This book is not about heroes. English Poetry is not yet fit to speak of them. Nor is it about deeds or lands, nor anything about glory, honour, do...Rate it

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A Preface
Rudyard Kipling
To all to whom this little book may come-- Health for yourselves and those you hold most dear! Content abroad, and happiness at home, And--one gran...Rate it

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Evangeline: Preface
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
THIS is the forest primeval. The murmuring pines and the hemlocks, Bearded with moss, and in garments green, indistinct in the twilight, Stand like...Rate it

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In Memoriam A. H. H.: Preface
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Strong Son of God, immortal Love, Whom we, that have not seen thy face, By faith, and faith alone, embrace, Believing where we cannot prove; Thine ...Rate it

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Ode I: The Preface
Mark Akenside
I. On yonder verdant hilloc laid, Where oaks and elms, a friendly shade, O'erlook the falling stream, O master of the Latin lyre, Awhile with thee ...Rate it

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Preface to God's Determinations Touching His Elect
Edward Taylor
Infinity, when all things it beheld In Nothing, and of Nothing all did build, Upon what base was fixed the lath wherein He turned this globe and ri...Rate it

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Preface to Hunting of the Snark
Lewis Carroll
PREFACE If---and the thing is wildly possible---the charge of writing nonsense were ever brought against the author of this brief but inst...Rate it

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Preface To Ossian
James Macpherson
WITHOUT increasing his genius, the author may have improved his language, in the eleven years that the following poems have been in the hands of th...Rate it

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Preface To The Auld Doctor and other Poems and Songs in Scots
David Rorie
Not mine to let the hair grow long, and talk In raptured accents of the Higher Things, Of all the purple Polyanthus bears, And beating wings. (Oh n...Rate it

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Preface to Winter
Elizabeth Sheppard
The winds blow south and with them go All the birds with fear of snow The sun dims to a golden glow And steeper shadows slowly grow And autumn ...Rate it

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Preface: Hymns For The Christian's Day
Aurelius Clemens Prudentius
PRAEFATIO Per quinquennia iam decem, ni fallor, fuimus: septimus insuper annum cardo rotat, dum fruimur sole volubili. Instat terminus et d...Rate it

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Preface: Old Gosh Rhyme
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Let him who is minded to meet with a Glug Pluck three hardy hairs from a rabbit-skin rug; Blow one to the South, and one to the West, Then burn ano...Rate it

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The Preface
Edward Taylor
Infinity, when all things it beheld In Nothing, and of Nothing all did build, Upon what Base was fixt the Lath wherein He turn’d this Globe, and ri...Rate it

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