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Anna Cellmer
I'm as a child Who is playing in this Game of life With a smile Sometimes I cry too When I lose Something I love so much But after a while I smile ...Rate it

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- Peace Melodically Playing in Piano Keys -
Miguel V. Melendez Sv
Melodically I stand I don't know when I'll go on tour in my van Unheard album written with this pen Melodically overcoming, playing virtual keys Sq...Rate it

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An American Eagle (Playing with Poetry)
Nicholas Regan
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I Saw a Little Boy Playing Without Toy
Shashikant Nishant Sharma 'साहिल'
I saw a little boy Playing without toy He was merry and gay In ecstasy, I can say Undisturbed by worldly affairs He assumed no airs He played in du...Rate it

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Life.. now playing
Like a movie it's entertaining Always surpising full with emotions Like a movie somebody wrote it Each unique, each with a motive It does not conta...Rate it

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Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me
Mario William Vitale
trapped within the very impulse of our loved beneath the perplexing ambush we close the door of brevity with a slight adjustment of the hand when w...Rate it

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Of My Lady Isabella Playing on the Lute
Edmund Waller
Such moving sounds from such a careless touch, So unconcerned herself, and we so much! What art is this, that with so little pains Transports us...Rate it

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Playing At Bob Cherry
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Playing at bob cherry Tom and Nell and Hugh: Cherry bob! cherry bob! There's a bob for you. Tom bobs a cherry For gaping snapping Hugh, While...Rate it

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Playing At Priests
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
WITHIN a town where parity According to old form we see,-- That is to say, where Catholic And Protestant no quarrels pick, And where, as in his fat...Rate it

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Playing Brain Catch
As the sea rolls, My thoughts toss against the side of my head. They even do this when I dream, In my nice warm bed. I can't explain my thoughts o...Rate it

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Playing Musical Chairs
Jason Mui
i know we met on line to see the lion king musical in the heart of times square i thought you were just a tourist but you said that no you're from ...Rate it

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Playing Piano
Stephen Colley
Are these hands really mine, that flow Like heated honey over wood And ivory, sounding high and low, Their will their own, as if they could Play o...Rate it

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Playing Possum
Omajean Lewis
She found a little fur ball, At least that's what we thought. To be completely honest, We didn't know what she had caught. From across the golf gr...Rate it

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Playing wedding and wedding
Jawahar Gupta
Children are laughing Little hands are clapping Tony was happy to marry her mother But mother said When you grow, I will be older Mama then tell...Rate it

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The Playing Infant
Friedrich Schiller
Play on thy mother's bosom, babe, for in that holy isle The error cannot find thee yet, the grieving, nor the guile; Held in thy mother's a...Rate it

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To A Lady Playing The Harp
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Thy tones are silver melted into sound, And as I dream I see no walls around, But seem to hear A gondolier Sing sweetly down some slow Venetian str...Rate it

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To Miss Hickman, Playing the Spinet
Samuel Johnson
Bright Stella, form'd for universal reign, Too well you know to keep the slaves you gain; When in your eyes resistless lightnings play, Awed into ...Rate it

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To My Lord Buckhurst, Very Young, Playing With A Cat
Matthew Prior
The amorous youth, whose tender breast Was by his darling Cat possest, Obtain'd of Venus his desire, Howe'er irregular his fire: Nature the power o...Rate it

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To The Countess Of Exeter. Playing On The Lute
Matthew Prior
What charms you have, from what high race you sprung, Have been the pleasing subjects of my song: Unskill'd and young, yet something still I writ ...Rate it

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Upon Playing At Ombre With Two Ladies
Matthew Prior
I know that Fortune long has wanted sight, And therefore pardon'd when she did not right; But yet till then it never did appear That, as she wanted...Rate it

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