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Bill Kurple
I remember I explored the world From field to stream – no day like another I ran from adventure to discovery Excitement barely contained -drive...Rate it

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William Carlos Williams
Subtle, clever brain, wiser than I am, by what devious means do you contrive to remain idle? Teach me, O master. Rate it

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Hasmukh Mehta
I want to play with toys no friends No moneyRate it

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A Good Play
Robert Louis Stevenson
We built a ship upon the stairs All made of the back-bedroom chairs, And filled it full of soft pillows To go a-sailing on the billows. We too...Rate it

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Go, songs, for ended is our brief, sweet play
Francis Thompson
Go, songs, for ended is our brief, sweet play; Go, children of swift joy and tardy sorrow: And some are sung, and that was yesterday, And some a...Rate it

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She lay as if at play
Emily Dickinson
She lay as if at play Her life had leaped away— Intending to return— But not so soon— Her merry Arms, half dropt— As if for lull of sport— An inst...Rate it

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Written For My Son, Upon Lady Santry's Coming To School, To See Her Son, And Getting The Scholars A Play--Day.
Mary Barber
So Ceres, lovely and divine, Eager to see her Proserpine, Blessing the Nations as she pass'd, Reach'd the fell Tyrant's Court at last; Around her s...Rate it

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Some Account of a New Play
Richard Harris Barham
'The play's the thing!'-- Hamlet. Tavistock Hotel, Nov. 1839. Dear Charles, -- In reply to your letter, and Fanny's, Lord Brougham, it appears...Rate it

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Gimme that moon to play with
Narsinh Mehta
`Gimme that moon to play with, Ma! Gimme those stars! Gimme those clusters and stuff them all in my pocket!’ He flushes, he cries, he stares at ...Rate it

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A child at play.
Michael Frazier
A child at play is a wonderful joy. It doesn't really matter if it's a girl or boy, in a sandbox or on a swing, a child at play is a wo...Rate it

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A Mad-Lib Poem Challenge (Every Poet Is Welcomed To Play!)
Ke Andre Bell-Washington
Note: Greatly inspired by this innovative style of poetry created by fellow poetry.com member Paul Kurland, I am creating my own mad-lib poem. A ma...Rate it

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A Play Festival In Ogden Park
Harriet Monroe
Oh gay and shining June time! Oh meadow brave and bright, Abloom with little children, All tossing in the light! They dance and circle singing— ...Rate it

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A Prologue - To A Play For Mr Dennis's Benefit, In 1733, When He Was Old, Blind, And In Great Distress, A Little Before His Death.
Alexander Pope
As when that hero, who, in each campaign, Had braved the Goth, and many a Vandal slain, Lay fortune-struck, a spectacle of woe! Wept by each friend...Rate it

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A Sigh, In A Play-Ground.
John Clare
O happy spot! how much the sight of thee Wakes the endearments of my infancy: The very trees, through which the wild-winds sigh, Seem whispering no...Rate it

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After The Play
Robert Graves
Father Have you spent the money I gave you to-day? John Ay, father I have. A fourpence on cakes, two pennies that away To a beggar I gave. Father...Rate it

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Angels Play
Crystal Hedspeth
It is said that the angels of God separate the wicked from the just The wicked in the furnace of fire where gnashing teeth meets the dust All good ...Rate it

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At play
Eugene Field
Play that you are mother dear, And play that papa is your beau; Play that we sit in the corner here, Just as we used to, long ago. Playing so, we l...Rate it

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At The Play.
Charles Hamilton Musgrove
The poet painted a woman's soul, Human, trusting and kind, And then he drew the soul of a man, Brutal and base and blind; And the woman loved i...Rate it

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Child's Play
Karen Joyce Lloyd
His face... like yours. He flutters up and down, back...to the ground, grinding an angel's imprint in grit and dirt (not snow) at your feet. He, ...Rate it

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Child's Play
Robert Haigh
Nothing seems to matter much when you are a child. You want to play, the livelong day, and can't be reconciled with, "Bath and bed, you sleepy...Rate it

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Come and Play in the Garden
Jane Taylor
Little sister, come away, And let us in the garden play, For it is a pleasant day. On the grass-plat let us sit, Or, if you please, we'll play ...Rate it

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Come And Play In The Garden
Ann Taylor
LITTLE sister, come away, And let us in the garden play, For it is a pleasant day. On the grass-plat let us sit, Or, if you please, we'll play ...Rate it

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Come Out to Play
Come Out to Play By: JL It is time to walk AWAY since you dont wanna STAY, I rather be STRAY and learn on my own DAY to be better TODAY as I conti...Rate it

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Dear Doctor, I have Read your Play
George Gordon Lord Byron
Dear Doctor, I have read your play, Which is a good one in its way, Purges the eyes, and moves the bowels, And drenches handkerchiefs lik...Rate it

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I Dance In Preventative Play
Ehsan Sehgal
I believe in fate I avoid, to initiate, Even though I stay waiting My beloved and soul-mate One may hurt My heart However, One cannot convert My li...Rate it

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