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I walk down an old forest trail. I take each step on ancient soil. I look around. Trees stand tall above me. The branches stretch out with leaves t...Rate it

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Merretta D.L. Parry-Booth
NATURE. The tranquil peace of early morn The sunrise in the sky The new day greets us with the dawn And lifts our gaze on high. For when the sun...Rate it

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James Beattie
O how canst thou renounce the boundless store Of charms which Nature to her votary yields! The warbling woodland, the resounding shore, The pomp of...Rate it

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
I. Winters know Easily to shed the snow, And the untaught Spring is wise In cowslips and anemones. Nature, hating art and pains, Baulks and baffles...Rate it

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p g webster
Through the corridors of time my image passes Like a galleon upon a raging sea I am blinded in the night as lightening flashes I am thrown into a d...Rate it

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Henry David Thoreau
O Nature! I do not aspire To be the highest in thy choir, - To be a meteor in thy sky, Or comet that may range on high; Only a zephyr that may blow...Rate it

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Jones Very
The bubbling brook doth leap when I come by, Because my feet find measure with its call; The birds know when the friend they love is nigh, For I...Rate it

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George Herbert
Full of rebellion, I would die, Or fight, or travel, or deny That thou has aught to do with me. O tame my heart; It is thy highest art To captiva...Rate it

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
As a fond mother, when the day is o'er, Leads by the hand her little child to bed, Half willing, half reluctant to be led, And leave his broken p...Rate it

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Kenj's cry to Nature
Mustafa Kenj
Kenj's cry to naure May you call it Corona, Covid19 or whatever Intruder, bodies invades, the Imune detioriates In China was spotted, through air...Rate it

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All nature has a feeling
John Clare
All nature has a feeling: woods, fields, brooks Are life eternal: and in silence they Speak happiness beyond the reach of books; There's nothing mo...Rate it

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Nature rarer uses yellow
Emily Dickinson
Nature rarer uses yellow Than another hue; Saves she all of that for sunsets,-- Prodigal of blue, Spending scarlet like a woman, Yellow she afford...Rate it

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Nature the gentlest mother is
Emily Dickinson
Nature the gentlest mother is, Impatient of no child, The feeblest of the waywardest. Her admonition mild In forest and the hill By traveller...Rate it

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Nature's Way
Robert William Service
To tribulations of mankind Dame Nature is indifferent; To human sorrow she is blind, And deaf to human discontent. Mid fear and fratricidal fray, M...Rate it

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The Worship of Nature
John Greenleaf Whittier
The harp at Nature's advent strung Has never ceased to play; The song the stars of morning sung Has never died away. And prayer is made, and prai...Rate it

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A Touch of Nature
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
When first the crocus thrusts its point of gold Up through the still snow-drifted garden mould, And folded green things in dim woods unclose The...Rate it

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Again Rejoicing Nature Sees
Robert Burns
Again rejoicing nature sees Her robe assume its vernal hues, Her leafy looks wave in the breeze, All freshly steep'd in morning dews. ...Rate it

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All about the nature and life
by: Stephanie M. Garris
1.) When I see the sunlight brighten. 2.) While the day seems nice. 3.) When you could see the fruits ripen. 4.)As I could see other...Rate it

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Alone With Nature
W. M. MacKeracher
The rain came suddenly, and to the shore I paddled, and took refuge in the wood, And, leaning on my paddle, there I stood In mild con...Rate it

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Amends to Nature
Arthur Symons
I have loved colours, and not flowers; Their motion, not the swallows wings; And wasted more than half my hours Without the comradeship of thing...Rate it

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Apostrophe to Nature
Victor Marie Hugo
O Sun! bright face aye undefiled; O flowers i' the valley blooming wild; Caverns, dim haunt of Solitude; Perfume whereby one's step's beguiled Deep...Rate it

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Robert Herrick
When I behold a forest spread With silken trees upon thy head; And when I see that other dress Of flowers set in comeliness; When I behold another ...Rate it

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Art And Nature
William Lisle Bowles
THE BRIDGE BETWEEN CLIFTON AND LEIGH WOODS. Frown ever opposite, the angel cried, Who, with an earthquake's might and giant hand, Severed these ri...Rate it

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Book Eighth: Retrospect--Love Of Nature Leading To Love Of Man
William Wordsworth
WHAT sounds are those, Helvellyn, that are heard Up to thy summit, through the depth of air Ascending, as if distance had the power To make the sou...Rate it

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Calm is all nature as a resting wheel
William Wordsworth
Calm is all nature as a resting wheel. The kine are couched upon the dewy grass; The horse alone, seen dimly as I pass, Is cropping audibly his ...Rate it

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