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The deeper the sea becomes, the bluer, The more faithful a translation it becomes Of the sky. But water interprets the wind With too much license, ...Rate it

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Circle of Seasons, Painted by the Masters Hand
Norma Welch
The hills are a blanket of color, painted by the Masters hand, Each tree is arrayed in splindor, painted as only a master can. These colors are as ...Rate it

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He had served eighty masters. They'd have said
Lesbia Harford
He had served eighty masters. They'd have said He 'worked for these employers' to earn bread. And they, if they had heard him, would have sneered...Rate it

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masters at work (haiku)
Delicate tensile steel dew- strung like diamonds trap to artRate it

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Masters Of the Skies
Tina Cavallaro Galindo
They were the masters of the skies Devils in dark disguise Smoke clouds our eyes As we cry. Our children left us behind To meet Christ who hel...Rate it

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My Masters
Robert William Service
Of Poetry I've been accused, But much more often I have not; Oh, I have been so much amused By those who've put me on the spot, And measured me by ...Rate it

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Of Hym That Togyder Wyll Serve Two Masters
Sebastian Brant
A fole he is and voyde of reason Whiche with one hounde tendyth to take Two harys in one instant and season; Rightso is he that wolde undertake Hym...Rate it

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On A Change Of Masters At A Great Public School
George Gordon Lord Byron
WHERE are those honours, Ida! once yow own, When Probus fill'd your magisterial throne? As ancient Rome, fast falling to disgrace, Hail'd a barbari...Rate it

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Serving two masters
Luke A, Fink
I am the believer I win the day I will rise Make all to pay I am the silver I am the gold I am the king You're the fool Tempt me no more Tempt me n...Rate it

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The Masters
Paul Laurence Dunbar
OH, who is the Lord of the land of life, When hotly goes the fray? When, fierce we smile in the midst of strife Then whom shall we obey? Oh, Love i...Rate it

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The Paradox of the Rain Masters by De De A. Reid
DeDe A. Reid
The Paradox of the Rain Masters by De De A. Reid Engulfed in her thoughts, collectively the forces gathered as the evening sun began to set. The...Rate it

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