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Kurt Philip Behm
Our years are fated…. Maria’s allotment was short But no less special, Each minute becoming pregnant With what time would not allow, Each new hour ...Rate it

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Sunilde Fajardo-Torrealba
maria la nina de las flores caminaba tras la tarde de flores viva como maria y maria caminaba con tras la tarde llena de flores es mariaRate it

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Maria Sweet Maria
Will Velez
Maria sweet Maria the love you have given me Maria sweet Maria how much I love thee Maria sweet Maria you are a true mother Maria sweet Maria you ...Rate it

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Assumpta Maria
Francis Thompson
Mortals, that behold a Woman, Rising 'twixt the Moon and Sun; Who am I the heavens assume? an All am I, and I am one. Multitudinous ascend I, Drea...Rate it

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Ave Maria
Ashley L. Brewer
All alone in the dark Spirits of silence A voice whispering the sweet melody Ave Maria, Ave Maria People weeping silently Ever knowing the pain The...Rate it

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Ave Maria
Alfred Austin
In the ages of Faith, before the day When men were too proud to weep or pray, There stood in a red-roofed Breton town Snugly nestled 'twixt sea and...Rate it

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Ave Maria
Neli Fatu de Valahia
High in the mountains, Illuminated by the sunlight Where the shades of twilight Were heralding the night... There was a most beautiful Shepherdess ...Rate it

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Ave Maria Gratia Plena
Oscar Wilde
Was this His coming! I had hoped to see A scene of wondrous glory, as was told Of some great God who in a rain of gold Broke open bars and fell on ...Rate it

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Ave Maria In Rome
Mathilde Blind
FAR away dim violet mountains Fade away from sight; Flashing from fantastic fountains, Jets the liquid light, Where from Nymph's or Triton's li...Rate it

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Cantiga de Santa Maria No. 194
Alfonso X El Sabio
Just as the name of the Virgin is beautiful to the virtuous, so against evil doers it is mighty and fearful. Concerning this, a miracle happene...Rate it

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Cantiga de Santa Maria, No. 100
Alfonso X El Sabio
Portugease Santa Maria, Strela do dia, mostra-nos via era Deus e nos guia. Ca veer faze-los errados que perder foran per pecados entender ...Rate it

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Cantiga de Santa Maria, No. 181
Alfonso X El Sabio
Pero que seja a gente d'outra lei [e] descreuda, os que a Virgen mais aman, a esses ela ajuda. Fremosa miragre desto fez a Virgen groriosa n...Rate it

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Epitaph for Maria Wentworth
Thomas Carew
And here the precious dust is laid; Whose purely-temper'd clay was made So fine that it the guest betray'd. Else the soul grew so fast within, ...Rate it

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Letter To Maria Gisborne
Percy Bysshe Shelley
The spider spreads her webs, whether she be In poet's tower, cellar, or barn, or tree; The silk-worm in the dark green mulberry leaves His winding ...Rate it

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Mad Maria
Robert William Service
Mad Maria in the Square Sits upon a wicker chair. When the keeper asks the price Mad Maria counts her lice. No pesito can she pay, So he shrugs and...Rate it

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Mamma Maria
Nobody Nose
Un gatto bianco con gli occhi blu Un vecchio vaso sulla TV Nell'aria il fumo delle candele Due cuance rosse rosse come mele Ha un filtro contro la...Rate it

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Her presence a vale of privy Amid mere, less gentle eve A lost summer supple, longing Among a mistral morning velvet breeze Deprival chills left...Rate it

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Maria is the Woman in Your Eyes Yahweh...
Miguel Cerda de la O
Maria is the Woman in Your Eyes Yahweh... Maria really is... Maria was Your Loved to Send Jesus... Jesus is Your Son... And Maria recived Your Holy...Rate it

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Rinaldo to Laura Maria
Mary Darby Robinson
THOU! whose sublime poetic art Can pierce the pulses of the heart, Can force the treasur'd tear to flow In prodigality of woe; Or lure each joc...Rate it

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Rosa Maria
Wesley Morin
Though the colors of flowers in the bouquet were many, only one was the Red Rose though there need not be any. There is no Valentine, no makesh...Rate it

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Sancta Maria
Edgar Allan Poe
Sancta Maria! turn thine eyes - Upon the sinner's sacrifice, Of fervent prayer and humble love, From thy holy throne above. At morn - at noon - at...Rate it

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Sancta Maria, Succurre Miseris
Amy Lowell
Dear Virgin Mary, far away, Look down from Heaven while I pray. Open your golden casement high, And lean way out beyond the sky. I am so little, it...Rate it

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Sonnet to the Memory of Miss Maria Linley
Mary Darby Robinson
So bends beneath the storm yon balmy flow'r, Whose spicy blossoms once perfum'd the gale; So press'd with tears reclines yon lily pale, Obedient to...Rate it

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Sonnet: On seeing Miss Helen Maria Williams weep at a tale of distress
William Wordsworth
She wept.--Life's purple tide began to flow In languid streams through every thrilling vein; Dim were my swimming eyes--my pulse beat slow, And my ...Rate it

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To Lydia Maria Child
John Greenleaf Whittier
ON READING HER POEM IN 'THE STANDARD.' The sweet spring day is glad with music, But through it sounds a sadder strain; The worthiest of our narrow...Rate it

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