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(One Day "Joe Kelly" Will be Married Putting His Wife To Safety)
Joe Kelly
With intense emotions.Who are you?Don't go anywhere!I know you have been looking for me.Your heart speaks to me every night.I'm so glad you stop to...Rate it

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Envoi, Dylan Kelly, 2006
Matt Dimler
"You, you who grew titan legs & arms & plucked with angelic delicacy the heartstrings of a Brooklyn Bridge and jumped devotionless into a sea of sh...Rate it

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Kelly Of The Legion
Robert William Service
Now Kelly was no fighter; He loved his pipe and glass; An easygoing blighter, Who lived in Montparnasse. But 'mid the tavern tattle He heard some g...Rate it

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Kelly's Conversion
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
KELLY the Ranger half opened an eye To wink at the Army passing by, While his hot breath, thick with the taint of beer, Came forth from his lips...Rate it

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Kelly, Josh, Ayden and Jared
Lisa Ann Wilson Heath
Kelly and Josh, long may you stay married, discuss your Quarrels as adults, do not be in too big of a hurry to win Your race and get harried. Plea...Rate it

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Limerick of Kelly
Stephanie Musarra
There once was a girl named Kelly And her butt was just way too smelly The neighbors complained Only when it rained Would her disgusting body smell...Rate it

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Limerick of Kelly Too
Stephanie Musarra
There once was a girl named Kelly Who's so fat she rolled on her belly Her face broke the mirror Looks she gets are wierd When you have skid marks ...Rate it

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Michael Howard
JOE KELLY were do I start How do I begin Your writing is trash next time write quote About kissing my *ss You maggot slash f*gg*t Writing b*llsh*t ...Rate it

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To Mrs. Frances--Arabella Kelly, With A Present Of Fruit.
Mary Barber
Tho' the Plumb, and the Peach, with Apollo conspire, To present you their Softness, and Sweetness, and Fire; Their Aid is in vain; for what can the...Rate it

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To Mrs. Frances--Arabella Kelly.
Mary Barber
To Day, as at my Glass I stood, To set my Head--cloaths, and my Hood; I saw my grizzled Locks with Dread, And call'd to mind the Gorgon's Head. Th...Rate it

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