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Donka Krsteva
Born anew, not of flesh and blood, but of the Spirit, eternal Love, one with Life, the world behind, self condemnation, fear, doubt melt in God's l...Rate it

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The Choir Invisible
George Eliot
Oh, may I join the choir invisible Of those immortal dead who live again In minds made better by their presence; live In pulses stirred to gener...Rate it

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A Thousands of Invisible Rules
Maybe it is all in my head the threads the little red threads weaving through the daily grind of do this do thatRate it

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Chains Invisible
Edith Nesbit
THE lilies in my garden grow, Wide meadows ring my garden round, In that green copse wild violets blow, And pale, frail cuckoo flowers are found...Rate it

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Invisible Blanket
Moin Khan
The wind enveloped me in her arms; I saw it travelling throughout the farms. It is unseen, untouched, but felt; wherever she exists, the fire melt....Rate it

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Invisible Me
Ragen Rogers
I was beautiful Flawless, like a dream Options were plentiful Tears were unseen I would flaunt it My flawless imperfection All would want...Rate it

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No one knows my invisible life
No one knows my invisible life. Pain and madness for Rama. Our wedding bed is high up in the gallows. Meet him? If the dark healer comes, we'll neg...Rate it

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Sonnet LXXX. To The Invisible Moon
Charlotte Smith
DARK and conceal'd art thou, soft Evening's queen, And Melancholy's votaries that delight To watch thee, gliding through the blue serene, Now vain...Rate it

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The Invisible People
Lesbia Harford
When I go into town at half past seven Great crowds of people stream across the ways, Hurrying, although it's only half past seven. They are the ...Rate it

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The Mental Chase of the Invisible Virus
Snap! was the sound, as a stampede ensues, each running because his neighbor heard and ran too. That’s what pattern-seeking entities do, they are ...Rate it

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The Viewless And Invisible Consequence
Percy Bysshe Shelley
The viewless and invisible Consequence Watches thy goings-out, and comings-in, And...hovers o'er thy guilty sleep, Unveiling every new-born deed, a...Rate it

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Visible And Invisible
Ehsan Sehgal
I am not as others Since my flaw is that I don't have such flaws, Which can humiliate me Or cause me, surrender To cunning ones I am within; I am O...Rate it

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