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Shashikant Nishant Sharma 'साहिल'
We love our India We like India India is like a dream Flowing like stream Without any stop Always on the top Of the world With sons brave and bold ...Rate it

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Nikhil Parekh
I'd like to uninhibitedly beckon you to my vivid and sacrosanct country, Where rest the insuperable foundations of Mosques; Temples; Churches; Gu...Rate it

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Passage To India
Walt Whitman
SINGING my days, Singing the great achievements of the present, Singing the strong, light works of engineers, Our modern wonders, (the...Rate it

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India Of My Dreams
Komal Vasudeva
Where there will be efforts, too Not only daydreams That India will surely be The India of My dreams Where commoners will be able To buy bread, bu...Rate it

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India's Voice
Irene Chatman
Silence, silence, no words, no voice, no interruptions, no noise. Pure, peaceful, serene, majestic. Silence, brings a fortified purification from...Rate it

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At The West India Docks
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
(A Memory of August, 1883) I STOOD in the ghastly gleaming night by the swollen, sullen flow Of the dreadful river that rolls her tides through th...Rate it

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Beast and Man in India
Rudyard Kipling
They killed a Child to please the Gods In Earth's young penitence, And I have bled in that Babe's stead Because of innocence. I bear the sins of s...Rate it

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Christmas in India
Rudyard Kipling
Dim dawn behind the tamerisks -- the sky is saffron-yellow -- As the women in the village grind the corn, And the parrots seek the riverside, each ...Rate it

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Dehradun And Mussorrie (India) .
Nikhil Parekh
A garland of formidably handsome mountains; royally decked up in beautifully unparalleled tufts of emerald green vegetation, Dense and astounding...Rate it

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discovery of india
drkgbalakrishnan kandangath
Discovery of India-drkgb ================== We all know, who discovered Mod...Rate it

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Happy B'day To India's Most Fascinating Business Magician-Mr. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani.
Nikhil Parekh
(written on the momentous occassion of his 50th Birthday celebrations on april 19,2007) Just a sideways glace at his fierily expressive eyes was e...Rate it

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In India's Dreamy Land
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
In India's land one listens aghast To the people who scream and bawl; For each caste yells at a lower caste, And the Britisher yells at them all. ...Rate it

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India Made Space History
Subhashchandra Adhav
India Made Space History India made such a remarkable space history Sending 104 satellites in single shot !A thing of glory ! When ISRO's PSLV XL ...Rate it

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India's War against Corona
Umesh Chandra Lal
In the loosing war of Corona, India might not faced defeat If there might not been foolish faithfuls and political opponents On 24th March at 8;pm ...Rate it

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INDIA-My Motherland
Seema Tabassum Ali
How I love you,India You are my dearest darling Motherland You make me feel so beautiful and grand You have given me a vision, Which this world...Rate it

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Limca Book Of Records - India And Her People At Their Very Best.
Nikhil Parekh
Tribute Poetry on the Limca Book of Records India - limcabookofrecords.in, which is India’s Best Book of Records, also Ranked 2nd in the World offi...Rate it

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Maha-Bharata, The Epic Of Ancient India - Conclusion
Romesh Chunder Dutt
The real Epic ends with the war and with the funerals of the deceased warriors, as we have stated before, and Yudhishthir's Horse-Sacrifice is rath...Rate it

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Mother India , the land i love like my mother
abdul wahab
they warn if I keep harping and member the same strings of sweet pain again and again by moving my hand over the wounds in 2002 they inflicted...Rate it

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My India!!!
Ajantha Selvarajan
I dedicate this Poem to all my fellow INDIAN brothers and sisters OUR'S is the largest democracy in the world With a civilization five thousand ye...Rate it

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My pride my India
Shalini Gupta
My pride, my India Where we live together, Celebrate different festival Follow our culture And respect other cultures. Where festival are Full of l...Rate it

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Gaurav Das
ONE UNPOPULAR SONG OF INDIA Everybody knows but the knowledge languishes in the brain's attic, Even as news grows about anguishes of the Nation be...Rate it

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Pray for the Dalits in India (Haiku)
Ronald Bunch
Pray for the Dalits. For the sick, for the starving. Smiling ever now. http://www.youtube.com/user/poems85 https://twitter.com/BunchRonaldRate it

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Role of Opposition in India
Umesh Chandra Lal
India is a country of Constitutional democratic republic With manpower of around 140 crores of literate and illiterate With a manpower of rich and...Rate it

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The Maid from India
Amit Rahman
Human beings are born equal, regardless of their social standing, color or race… Go and say that to the maid from India whose complaint has made...Rate it

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The Tracks That Lie By India
Henry Lawson
Now this is not a dismal song, like some I’ve sung of late, When I’ve been brooding all day long about my muddled fate; For though I’ve had a rocky...Rate it

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