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Victor Marie Hugo
Esprit mystérieux qui, le doigt sur ta bouche, Passes... ne t'en va pas ! parle à l'homme farouche Ivre d'ombre et d'immensité, Parle-moi, toi, f...Rate it

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That after Horror—that 'twas us
Emily Dickinson
That after Horror—that 'twas us— That passed the mouldering Pier— Just as the Granite Crumb let go— Our Savior, by a Hair— A second more, had drop...Rate it

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Horreur sympathique (Sympathetic Horror)
Charles Baudelaire
De ce ciel bizarre et livide, Tourmenté comme ton destin, Quels pensers dans ton âme vide Descendent? réponds, libertin. — Insatiablement avide D...Rate it

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Horror Funny Joke Poem
Howard Jones
I think that we're all mentally ill; those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better – and maybe not all that much better, after all....Rate it

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Horror Funny Joke Poem2
Howard Jones
someone in a horror movie screams..no!!!! don't kill him NO!!!! the chain saw guy cuts his arm off ,the scream gets louder,in a state of a panic sh...Rate it

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If you saw the horror
Peter Duggan
If you saw the horror If you in your life once saw A man's head filled with maggots Intestines screaming out at you And smelling such a lot ...Rate it

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Pizza, Burgers And Fries (Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me spoof from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
'Ray Raynor
She was feeling thin... She thought she lost her wind she only tripped once before... you mean she's a... model? She thought there's no use getting...Rate it

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The Horror
Georg Trakl
I saw myself go through abandoned rooms. - The stars danced crazily on blue ground, And on the fields the dogs howled loud, And in the treetops ...Rate it

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To Horror
Robert Southey
Dark HORROR, hear my call! Stern Genius hear from thy retreat On some old sepulchre's moss-cankered seat, Beneath the Abbey's ivied wall That tr...Rate it

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