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Linda Branch
It seems unreal all that’s happened it’s death and destruction In our path on our way back to resurrection Grant us the strength to over come Our h...Rate it

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Dr Saroj Kumar Khan
Myth can give heal, When there's jeal. Lord is almighty, Nature of walk when not discipline among us. World teach you Rate it

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Healing Streams
Donka Kristeva
Winter's gone, the bitter cold that turned tree and shrub into a stone, retrieves its breath without revenge, its grip no more on edge. Ice, thick...Rate it

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Healing Love
Beverly laurel Brown
Once I walked around in sadness and defeat Not knowing where any of lifes roads Would meet. Then I met Him at the foot of the cross Knew then life ...Rate it

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Healing Grace
Donka Kristeva
Gloom, doubt, fear, stalked in -like ugly frogs in mire- tried to squeeze into my inner place, silence I embrace. No, I cannot be robbed of what I...Rate it

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Healing Pains
Real Jem
Whatever made your heart burst Let it hurt, let it crush you the worst Wasn’t your time nor was it your turn Let it burn until the lesson is learn...Rate it

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Even a promised cloud driven by strong wind and far away from high mountain know not the course of its journey . The sea calm and gentle pay heed ...Rate it

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Her Healing ashes
Nikhil Parekh
There were cubes of white ice strewn on the floor, melting into paltry amounts of water when licked by Sunlight, transiting into a solidified mas...Rate it

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