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Nikhil Parekh
Bald patches of earth bore olive green hair of silken grass, which swayed frivolously with swift currents of winter breeze. snow white rabbits ha...Rate it

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A Child's Hair
William Watson
A letter from abroad. I tear Its sheathing open, unaware What treasure gleams within; and there- Like bird from cage- Flutters a curl of golden hai...Rate it

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Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Stephen C. Foster
1 I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair, 2 Borne, like a vapor, on the summer air; 3 I see her tripping where the bright streams ...Rate it

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La Chevelure (Her Hair)
Charles Baudelaire
Ô toison, moutonnant jusque sur l'encolure! Ô boucles! Ô parfum chargé de nonchaloir! Extase! Pour peupler ce soir l'alcôve obscure Des souvenirs d...Rate it

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A Hair From Her Head
I will treasure this glorious white hair that fell from the head of my Muse so fair More stunning than Galadriel is she and the source of my loving...Rate it

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A Pin Has A Head, But Has No Hair
Christina Georgina Rossetti
A pin has a head, but has no hair; A clock has a face, but no mouth there; Needles have eyes, but they cannot see; A fly has a trunk without loc...Rate it

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A Strand of Your Hair
Sally A. Cadwgan
I found one of your hairs on my blue-hooded sweatshirt the other day. I thought it was mine, at first, until I reached down to pluck it off. One lo...Rate it

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A Woman's Hair.
George Gordon Byron
Oh! little lock of golden hue In gently waving ringlet curl'd, By the dear head on which you grew, I would not lose you for a world. Not though...Rate it

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Apology To Delia: For Desiring A Lock Of Her Hair
William Cowper
Delia, the unkindest girl on earth, When I besought the fair, That favour of intrinsic worth A ringlet of her hair, Refused that instant to comply...Rate it

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Aromatic Hair oil
Nikhil Parekh
Thick shock of jet black hair, sprawled languidly on white domes of hard mass, stuck to skin with offshooting pores, sprouting from umpteenth pr...Rate it

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Art is Long - Hair is Shorter
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
When artists wore a flowing mane, Then, in a sentimental vein, With pastorals they lured the eye, Or sad, sweet scenes of sea and sky. But now that...Rate it

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BAD HAIR DAY (Poem #207)
Jean Gorney
I got up early morning and while starting out to dress, I noticed in the mirror that my hair was quite a mess. But out I have to hurry with no time...Rate it

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Braid the Raven Hair
William Schwenck Gilbert
Braid the raven hair, Weave the supple tress, Deck the maiden fair In her loveliness; Paint the pretty face, Dye the coral lip, Emphasise the grace...Rate it

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Crisis is a Hair
Emily Dickinson
Crisis is a Hair Toward which the forces creep Past which forces retrograde If it come in sleep To suspend the Breath Is the most we can Ignorant ...Rate it

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Ella with the Shining Hair
Henry Kendall
Through many a fragrant cedar grove A darkened water moans; And there pale Memory stood with Love Amongst the moss-green stones. The shimmering sun...Rate it

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Given hair
Jet Rood
Her hair long, thick and full the sun caress her locks makes it shine like gold she looks at herself in the river Enjoying herself for a while the...Rate it

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Golden Hair
Kurt Philip Behm
It was Christmas 1973, as I straightened up his brace A disabled body with unconquered mind, best friends in different states As she walked str...Rate it

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Goose Bumps And Hair Bristling
Wallace Dean LaBenne
It is ash It is gold It is rash It is bold It is heartbeat thumping It is hot It is cold It is shot It is told It is goose flesh bumping It is fea...Rate it

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Grass And Hair
Wallace Dean LaBenne
We grow our grass We grow our hair We don't have it as premiere Millions are spent producing grass and hair. We feed our grass We feed our hair We...Rate it

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Hair Cutting saloon
Nikhil Parekh
Thick mirrors of transparent glass, slates of graphite stuck to wall, big bottles of shaving foam, flammable containers of liquid spray, a tetr...Rate it

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Her Hair
James Whitcomb Riley
The beauty of her hair bewilders me-- Pouring adown the brow, its cloven tide Swirling about the ears on either side And storming round the neck tu...Rate it

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Her Hair
Charles Baudelaire
O fleece, that down the neck waves to the nape! O curls! O perfume nonchalant and rare! O ecstasy! To fill this alcove shape With memories that in ...Rate it

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I Love your Hair
North Man
I love your hair I love how long it is It deserves a beautiful song I love your hair I love the colour brown It really is your crown I love your ha...Rate it

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Krishna Questions His Hair Braid Not Growing
Sant Surdas
Mother, when will my hair-braid grow? milk you said will make it grow, but still it remains so short. Mother when will my hair-braid grow you said ...Rate it

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Let Hope Stroke Your Hair
Ian Sawicki
Another section of beautiful existence rolls along its fine-lined course with cool gentle smiles, gather the self's artistic design and laugh love ...Rate it

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