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Go For The Light
Raiya Masroor Hashmi
Go for the light No matter how hard No matter how far Dark tunnels ahead Await you To deviate you from Your sacred path Creepy mazes and ways But d...Rate it

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Monica Mackness
Light shines through a smile Awakens the soul's source of Joy Reigns in the midst of solitude Encompasses the embedded kin Brightens the edges of t...Rate it

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Light Sleeper
Roger McGough
My wife is such a light sleeper That when I come home late After a night out with the boys I always remove my shoes And leave them at the bottom O...Rate it

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Comfortable Light
John Freeman
Most comfortable Light, Light of the small lamp burning up the night, With dawn enleagued against the beaten dark; Pure golden perfect spark; Or s...Rate it

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Howth Light-House
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Few subjects can be more sublime and grand than the present Illustration, under the circumstances and point of view in which it is here represented...Rate it

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My light
Amya Camacho
Why do you look at me like that? It makes my heart cry. Everytime our eyes meet, I feel myself die a bit more. You come up to talk to me, And stab...Rate it

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Prais'd be Diana's Fair and Harmless Light
Sir Walter Raleigh
Prais'd be Diana's fair and harmless light; Prais'd be the dews wherewith she moists the ground; Prais'd be her beams, the glory of the night; Prai...Rate it

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Storm of Light
Dylan Vegh
The burden only lingers in the sea, not even swimming to the surface. Of course, it appears in the worst of places, and the worst of times. During ...Rate it

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Sudden Light
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
I have been here before, But when or how I cannot tell: I know the grass beyond the door, The sweet keen smell, ...Rate it

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While Gazing on the Moon's Light
Thomas Moore
While gazing on the moon's light, A moment from her smile I turn'd, To look at orbs that, more bright, In lone and distant glory burn'd. But to...Rate it

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Flash Of Light
Todd J.Caudill
Flash of light that split the sky,illuminated Heaven a couple of seconds. That mortal eye could glimpse the wonder. In the night,this is so,I've se...Rate it

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Red light
William Carlos Williams
She walks at night alone Bruised knees tears ruin her beautiful face. Tears rolling. Tears rolling. Hello do you want me. Hello sir, Hi he beams, ...Rate it

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In light of you
Nanette. M Carrick
When I saw you I Saw the Light Seeing the light Sure was a sight Finding that light sure made life bright Losing that light sure would be a fright...Rate it

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A ray of hope and light
You're useless, you're ugly, you're worthless, You have not reason in life said the dark voice inside my head. Every time I gained my confidence, ...Rate it

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Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
Stephen C. Foster
1 I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair, 2 Borne, like a vapor, on the summer air; 3 I see her tripping where the bright streams ...Rate it

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Lead, Kindly Light
John Henry Newman
Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom, Lead thou me on! The night is dark, and I am far from home,-- Lead thou me on! Keep thou my feet; I ...Rate it

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Brenden Pettingill
Evasive splashes rise and fall Leaving but a trace of mist To reflect The taste of awe For gaping jaws to admit Could it have been? Pointers light...Rate it

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The morning of fairies light
Jack Boyd
In the essence of the moon I watch the world slowly drift by I see the beauty of the night transcend from evening into early morning it pulls me ge...Rate it

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The Evening Light
Alfred Austin
I Angels their silvery trumpets blow, At dawn, to greet the Morning Glow, And mortals lift adoring eyes To see the glorious sun arise. Then, winged...Rate it

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Pity Me Not Because The Light Of Day
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Pity me not because the light of day At close of day no longer walks the sky; Pity me not for beauties passed away From field and thicket as the th...Rate it

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'til the dawn shines it's light
ash falls
the walls of entrapment closing in what I did had to a sin the pain flows under my skin but yet I will fight I will never stop 'til the end of the ...Rate it

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. . . and filled with a shrouded white light
Robert E. Bell
Isn't it a tragedy when a person never gathered enough capable knowledge during their length of time deliberately rebelling against it?" said ...Rate it

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A Child of Light
Carolyn Joyce Carty
If you could be a child a child of light you would encounter the sky each day and each night You could be the sun and the moon with God as your gu...Rate it

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A lamp for light
Himid Omar
untill the morning come, will the darkness be gone?, to set lamp into darkness, not a huge task to bring brightness, then shall light illuminate th...Rate it

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A light exists in spring
Emily Dickinson
A light exists in spring Not present on the year At any other period. When March is scarcely here A color stands abroad On solitary hills...Rate it

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