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Algernon Charles Swinburne
In the outer world that was before this earth, That was before all shape or space was born, Before the blind first hour of time had birth, Befo...Rate it

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Vachel Lindsay
I was but a half-grown boy, You were a girl-child slight. Ah, how weary you were! You had led in the bullock-fight... We slew the bullock at le...Rate it

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"Genesis 1:31 And God Saw Everything That He Made and, Behold, It Was Very Good"
zebra black
I met God and he said he would answer any question So I asked him why he left us to shed, to bleed, to hurt. He told me I Saw Everything That I...Rate it

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Fro Genesis to Covid 19
The Bible says Our planet Earth Was formless, empty and dark The day by day account Of creation is for everyone to see The wonders of thy making ...Rate it

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Genesis [God said, 'Let there be Crime,' and the command]
Ambrose Bierce
God said, 'Let there be Crime,' and the command Brought Satan, leading Stoneman by the hand. 'Why, that's Stupidity, not Crime,' said God 'Bring wh...Rate it

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Genesis [God said: 'Let there be Man,' and from the clay]
Ambrose Bierce
God said: 'Let there be Man,' and from the clay Adam came forth and, thoughtful, walked away. The matrix whence his body was obtained, An empty, ma...Rate it

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Memory's Genesis
Charles Harpur
HOW few through Memory’s dreamy scope, However resolute of hope, Can view the backward scene where first Their youth rejoiced—for ever crost— And n...Rate it

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The Genesis Of Embarrassment
Ambrose Bierce
When Adam first saw Eve he said: 'O lovely creature, share my bed.' Before consenting, she her gaze Fixed on the greensward to appraise, As well as...Rate it

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The Genesis of Gloom [Australian Variety]
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Once upon a time, in days remote, A politician bought a vote. The price he paid is not quite clear, But probably a pot of beer Secured his end. Bu...Rate it

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The Genesis of the Butterfly
Victor Marie Hugo
The dawn is smiling on the dew that covers The tearful roses; lo, the little lovers That kiss the buds, and all the flutterings In jasmine bloom...Rate it

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