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The Little General
Edwin Muir
Early in spring the little General came Across the sound, bringing the island death, And suddenly a place without a name, And like the pious ritu...Rate it

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A Boy saying to his General...
Joseph Michael Petrou
It was just before supper when mother overheard her boy saying to his General: -But, Sir, you need to understand me! I am not made of that kind of...Rate it

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A General Summary
Rudyard Kipling
We are very slightly changed From the semi-apes who ranged India's Prehistoric clay; He that drew the longest bow Ran his brother down, you know, A...Rate it

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A Lieutenant General Sings
Alfred Lichtenstein
I am the Division Commander, His Excellency. I have attained what is humanly possible. A lovely consciousness. In front of me Important people and ...Rate it

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A Nervous Governor-General
Andrew Barton Paterson
We read in the press that Lord Northcote is here To take up Lord Tennyson's mission. 'Tis pleasant to find they have sent us a Peer, And a man o...Rate it

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A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General
Jonathan Swift
"His Grace! impossible! what, dead! Of old age too, and in his bed! And could that mighty warrior fall, And so inglorious, after all? Well, since h...Rate it

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At General Grant's Tomb.
Hattie Howard
Afar my loyal spirit stirred At mention of his name; Afar in ringing notes I heard The clarion voice of fame; So to his tomb, hope long deferred, W...Rate it

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General B.F. Butler
Ambrose Bierce
Thy flesh to earth, thy soul to God, We gave, O gallant brother; And o'er thy grave the awkward squad Fired into one another! Rate it

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General Confession
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
In this noble ring to-day Let my warning shame ye! Listen to my solemn voice,-- Seldom does it name ye. Many a thing have ye intended, Many a th...Rate it

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General Gordon, the Hero of Khartoum
William Topaz McGonagall
Alas! now o'er the civilised world there hangs a gloom For brave General Gordon, that was killed in Khartoum, He was a Christian hero, and a soldie...Rate it

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General Grant -- The Hero Of The War
George Moses Horton
Brave Grant, thou hero of the war, Thou art the emblem of the morning star, Transpiring from the East to banish fear, Revolving o'er a servile Hemi...Rate it

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General John
William Schwenck Gilbert
The bravest names for fire and flames And all that mortal durst, Were GENERAL JOHN and PRIVATE JAMES, Of the Sixty-seventy-first. GENERAL JOHN was...Rate it

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General Joubert
Rudyard Kipling
(Died, South African War, March 27, 1900) With those that bred, with those that loosed the strife, He had no part whose hands were clear of gain; ...Rate it

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General Roberts in Afghanistan
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas in the year of 1878, and. the winter had set in, Lord Roberts and the British Army their march did begin, On their way to Afghanistan to a pl...Rate it

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General Tenor
Jack Richards
A similar vibration Of the human vocal-chord Across a vast expanse Of earth Jack Richards www.whatifisit@yahoo.comRate it

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General William Booth Enters into Heaven
Vachel Lindsay
[To be sung to the tune of The Blood of the Lamb with indicated instrument] I [Bass drum beaten loudly.] Booth led boldly with his big bass dr...Rate it

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His Excellency General Washington
Phillis Wheatley
Celestial choir! enthron'd in realms of light, Columbia's scenes of glorious toils I write. While freedom's cause her anxious breast alarms, She fl...Rate it

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I Saw Old General At Bay
Walt Whitman
I SAW old General at bay; (Old as he was, his grey eyes yet shone out in battle like stars;) His small force was now completely hemm'd in...Rate it

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Musophilus Containing A General Defence Of All Learning (ex
Samuel Daniel
Power above powers, O heavenly eloquence, That with the strong rein of commanding words Dost manage, guide, and master th' eminence ...Rate it

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Robert Blake - General and Admiral of the Parliamentary Forces
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
What! will they sweep the channels, And brave us as they go! There’s no place in English annals For the triumph of a foe. Thus spoke the...Rate it

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The Dollar General- Prologue
Max B Futterman
This is The Dollar General An Epic Poem starting at my job Ending with a shot at Tokyo 2021-- Freestyle Wrestling The Job hasn’t started yet so I ...Rate it

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The Folly of Brown - By a General Agent
William Schwenck Gilbert
I knew a boor - a clownish card (His only friends were pigs and cows and The poultry of a small farmyard), Who came into two hundred thousand. Goo...Rate it

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The General
Siegfried Sassoon
‘Good-morning; good-morning!’ the General said When we met him last week on our way to the line. Now the soldiers he smiled at are most of ’em de...Rate it

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The General Elliott
Robert Graves
He fell in victory's fierce pursuit, Holed through and through with shot, A sabre sweep had hacked him deep Twixt neck and shoulderknot.... The po...Rate it

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The General Public
Stephen Vincent Benet
"Ah, did you once see Shelley plain?" -- Browning. "Shelley? Oh, yes, I saw him often then," The old man said. A dry smile creased his face With...Rate it

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