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Breezy Friday morn I fear your colors A heart is dustyRate it

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Elizabeth Jennings
We nailed the hands long ago, Wove the thorns, took up the scourge and shouted For excitement's sake, we stood at the dusty edge Of the pebbled pat...Rate it

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Good Friday in my Heart
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
GOOD FRIDAY in my heart! Fear and affright! My thoughts are the Disciples when they fled, My words the words that priest and soldier said, My...Rate it

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Another friday
Muhammad Naveed Ahmed
Another Friday: One more occasion To silently tell God About me And my wounded heart. What wrong did I do To suffer so much...Rate it

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Autumn: Friday Morning
John Bowring
This is the day when prejudice and guilt The blood of innocence and virtue spilt! 'Twas in those orient Syrian lands afar, O'er whose high mountain...Rate it

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Black Friday
Yvonne Groover
There in the line up Gates open And there off Shoving each other,,steeling carts Grabbing things from each others hands This is mine,,that's mine T...Rate it

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Brier: Good Friday
Emily Pauline Johnson
Because, dear Christ, your tender, wounded arm Bends back the brier that edges life's long way, That no hurt comes to heart, to soul no harm, I do ...Rate it

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Dried Apricot, or Friday Lunch
J.W. Emanuelson
I nestled my teeth into the flesh of a dried apricot, Squishy, not firm, Sweet, succulent, favored fruit, And I bit into a bone. My thoughts were t...Rate it

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Friday Afternoon
James Whitcomb Riley
To William Morris Pierson [1868-1870] Of the wealth of facts and fancies That our memories may recall, The old school-day romances Are the dearest...Rate it

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Friday at noon
Brayden Valley
The peaceful sunlight that reflects off your ocean blue eyes making me feel like I’m watching the sunset with you making my heart skipping a beat w...Rate it

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Friday The Thirteenth Is Not Always Bad
Alan D Carter
Friday the thirteenth is not always bad. For on one Friday the thirteenth, was one of the best days that I ever had. I spent that day with my one v...Rate it

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Good Friday
John Keble
Is it not strange, the darkest hour That ever dawned on sinful earth Should touch the heart with softer power For comfort than an angel...Rate it

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Good friday
John Keane
Today he dies on the cross, And I mourn his loss. Today we are saved, from ourselves. We now to can go to Heaven, For his sacrifice of the bread un...Rate it

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Good Friday
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Am I a stone and not a sheep That I can stand, O Christ, beneath Thy Cross, To number drop by drop Thy Blood's slow loss, And yet not weep? Not so...Rate it

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Good Friday
George Herbert
O my chief good, How shall I measure out thy blood? How shall I count what thee befell, And each grief tell? Shall I thy woes Number according...Rate it

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Good Friday
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
So we forget? The streets bloom gay With festive garments, many hued; And man and maid laugh down the way With all the joy of life imbued. Respite...Rate it

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Good Friday
Donka Kristeva
"For this reason have I come", born to die-- prophecy's cry! Silent before Roman and Jew, beaten, accused, spat upon, drank it all. the b...Rate it

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Good Friday
Donka Krsteva
"For this purpose have I come", born to die - prophecy's cry. Silent before Roman and Jew, beaten, conemned, spat upon. Drank it all - the bitter c...Rate it

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Good Friday Night
William Vaughn Moody
At last the bird that sang so long In twilight circles, hushed his song: Above the ancient square The stars came here and there. Good Friday ni...Rate it

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Good Friday, 1613. Riding Westward
John Donne
Let mans Soule be a Spheare, and then, in this, The intelligence that moves, devotion is And as the other Spheares, by being growne Subject to forr...Rate it

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Good Friday, A.D. 33
Katharine Tynan
Mother, why are people crowding now and staring? Child, it is a malefactor goes to His doom, To the high hill of Calvary He's faring, And the peopl...Rate it

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One Friday
Donka Kristeva
Momentous hour! Sun darkened, rocks split apart, the Earth, as if in wrath, quaked, convulsed, stones-- fire spat. The Prince of peace was slain,...Rate it

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Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday
Sharon Brown
Palm Sunday leads to Good Friday which leads to Resurrection Sunday says the Preacher. Jesus Christ is mankind's soul keeper. On Palm Sunday Peopl...Rate it

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Stand-To: Good Friday Morning
Siegfried Sassoon
I’d been on duty from two till four. I went and stared at the dug-out door. Down in the frowst I heard them snore. ‘Stand to!’ Somebody grunted ...Rate it

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The Shepherd's Week : Friday; or, The Dirge
John Gay
Bumkinet, Grubbinol Bumkinet. Why, Grubbinol, dost thou so wistful seem? There's sorrow in thy look, if right I deem. 'Tis true, yon oaks with yel...Rate it

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