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Siegfried Sassoon
She triumphs, in the vivid green Where sun and quivering foliage meet; And in each soldier’s heart serene; When death stood near them they have ...Rate it

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Rudyard Kipling
Broke to every known mischance, lifted over all By the light sane joy of life, the buckler of the Gaul, Furious in luxury, merciless in toil, Terr...Rate it

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Ambrose Bierce
Unhappy State! with horrors still to strive: Thy Hugo dead, thy Boulanger alive; A Prince who'd govern where he dares not dwell, And who for power ...Rate it

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Sydney Elliott Napier
OH, golden-lilied Queen—immortal France! Thou heritress of storied name and deed, As thou hast pluck’d, so oft, from cumb’ring weed The ...Rate it

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An American to France
Alice Duer Miller
O FRANCE, with what a shamed and sorry smile We now recall that in a bygone day We sought of you art, wit, perfection, style; You were to us a pla...Rate it

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France, mère des arts, des armes et des lois,
Joachim du Bellay
France, mère des arts, des armes et des lois, Tu m'as nourri longtemps du lait de ta mamelle : Ores, comme un agneau qui sa nourrice appelle, Je ...Rate it

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A celle qui est restée en France
Victor Marie Hugo
I Mets-toi sur ton séant, lève tes yeux, dérange Ce drap glacé qui fait des plis sur ton front d'ange, Ouvre tes mains, et prends ce livre : il es...Rate it

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A la France
Victor Marie Hugo
Personne pour toi. Tous sont d'accord. Celui-ci, Nommé Gladstone, dit à tes bourreaux : merci ! Cet autre, nommé Grant, te conspue, et cet autre,...Rate it

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A Poem Written In Time Of Trouble By An Irish Priest Who Had Taken Orders In France
Augusta, Lady Gregory
My thoughts, my grief! are without strength My spirit is journeying towards death My eyes are as a frozen sea My tears my daily food; There is noth...Rate it

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After The German Subjugation Of France, 1871
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
LO the twelfth year—the wedding-feast come round With years for months—and lo the babe new-born; Out of the womb's rank furnace cast forlorn, An...Rate it

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An Epistle To Dr. Moore, Author Of A View Of Society And Manners In France, Switzerland, And Germany.
Helen Maria Williams
I mean no giddy heights to climb, And vainly toil to be sublime; While every line with labour wrought, Is swell'd with tropes for want of thought: ...Rate it

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Book Eleventh: France [concluded]
William Wordsworth
FROM that time forth, Authority in France Put on a milder face; Terror had ceased, Yet everything was wanting that might give Courage to them who l...Rate it

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Book Ninth [Residence in France]
William Wordsworth
EVEN as a river,--partly (it might seem) Yielding to old remembrances, and swayed In part by fear to shape a way direct, That would engulph him soo...Rate it

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Book Tenth {Residence in France continued]
William Wordsworth
IT was a beautiful and silent day That overspread the countenance of earth, Then fading with unusual quietness,-- A day as beautiful as e'er was gi...Rate it

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Dear Motherland Of France
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
DEDICATED TO THE MEN AND WOMEN OF FRANCE Our Motherland, dear Motherland, The source of beauty and of Art, Who but thy children understand The lov...Rate it

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Dreams of France
Leon Gellert
Oh, dreams of France! Oh, faded dreams of France! Ohm France, that I had ever dreamed of thee! I thought to help thee bear thy brandished lance, Bu...Rate it

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Epitaph For An English Soldier And An Indian Soldier Buried Together In France
R C Lehmann
When the fierce bugle thrilled alarm, From lands apart these fighters came. An equal courage nerved each arm, And stirred each generous heart to fl...Rate it

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France! à l'heure où tu te prosternes
Victor Marie Hugo
France ! à l'heure où tu te prosternes, Le pied d'un tyran sur ton front, La voix sortira des cavernes Les enchaînés tressailleront. Le banni, deb...Rate it

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France, The 18th Year Of These States
Walt Whitman
A GREAT year and place; A harsh, discordant, natal scream out-sounding, to touch the mother's heart closer than any yet. I walk...Rate it

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France--December 1870
George Meredith
I We look for her that sunlike stood Upon the forehead of our day, An orb of nations, radiating food For body and for mind alway. Where is the Sha...Rate it

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Toru Dutt
Not dead,--oh no,--she cannot die! Only a swoon, from loss of blood! Levite England passes her by, Help, Samaritan! None is nigh; Who shall stanch ...Rate it

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France: An Ode
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
EXCERPT] ... O Liberty ! with profitless endeavour Have I pursued thee, many a weary hour ; But thou nor swell'st the victor's strain, ...Rate it

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Glorious France
Edgar Lee Masters
You have become a forge of snow-white fire, A crucible of molten steel, O France! Your sons are stars who cluster to a dawn And fade in light fo...Rate it

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Home-Thoughts From France
Isaac Rosenberg
Wan, fragile faces of joy, Pitiful mouths that strive To light with smiles the place We dream we walk alive, To you I stretch my hands, Hands shut...Rate it

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In France
Barry Cornwall
The poplars in the fields of France Are golden ladies come to dance; But yet to see them there is none But I and the September sun. The girl w...Rate it

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