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Ada Cambridge
See those resplendent creatures, as they glide O'er scarlet carpet, between footmen tall, From sumptuous carriage to effulgent hall - A dazzling vi...Rate it

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In The Fashion
Alan Alexander Milne
A lion has a tail and a very fine tail And so has an elephant and so has a whale, And so has a crocodile, and so has a quail- They’ve all got tails...Rate it

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Angels Fashion Cosmic Strings
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Rabbits create quantum leaps on the vapor trail Angels fashion power sweeps on the Holy Grail Beavers create torrent dams on the trundle bed Angel...Rate it

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Fashion fades
Mgbada chukwudi cletus
Big comrade weds today, we must wear our famous military regalia; grandpa died last moon, pay him respect on black,it is our tradition; lulu priz...Rate it

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In the Height of Fashion
Henry Lawson
SO at last a toll they’ll levy For the passing fool who sings— Take the harp grown dull and heavy (With the dried blood on the strings) Let us sing...Rate it

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In Vogue-A Poem on Fashion
Ayubkhan U
She came and the infinite beauty came along with her With no much ornaments, she was so majestic It's a different look, it's a striking pose Is ...Rate it

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Inspiring Fashion-A Poem
Ayubkhan U
This world evolves with fashion thoughts, Giving new hopes and new possibilities! The soul cannot rest with ordinary, As fashion makes this worl...Rate it

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Lady of Fashion
Connie Hess
Wear a rainbow for your cloak, a silken web to glove your hand; drape dew-drop diamonds around your throat and bind your feet with moistened sand. ...Rate it

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Slave To fashion
Kurt Philip Behm
Music is more slave to fashion, --- than the written or spoken word (Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2015)Rate it

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Sonnet 13 - And wilt thou have me fashion into speech
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
XIII And wilt thou have me fashion into speech The love I bear thee, finding words enough, And hold the torch out, while the winds are rough, Betw...Rate it

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