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Robert Randle
You are an unbeatable dreamer. Nobody can details you from greatness. FOLLOW your heart to an adventurous Life. You are already there and don't rea...Rate it

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Ehsan Sehgal
I loved you I love you I stay to love you However, I will never tell you Until you feel it yourself In your heart Love fragrances Without words Fol...Rate it

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Follow Your Saint
Thomas Campion
1 Follow your saint, follow with accents sweet; 2 Haste you, sad notes, fall at her flying feet. 3 There, wrapp'd in cloud of sorrow,...Rate it

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Come, Follow Jesus
Liam Ó Comáin
Come, Follow Jesus! For he was there at our beginning And he will be there at our ending. Why be so foolish to be led by that Which is so false? T...Rate it

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Follow A Famous Father
Edgar Albert Guest
I follow a famous father, His honor is mine to wear; He gave me a name that was free from shame, A name he was proud to bear. He lived in the morni...Rate it

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Do Not Follow
Deborah Camper
A Legion of them pleaded with the King: "Do not us into judgment bring" For they knew he held the key That soon every subject would see The destruc...Rate it

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Follow and Obey Christ(Haiku)
Tom Kennedy
Bear your daily cross It gives you depth understand Keep following ChristRate it

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Follow me
Saroj Khan
Follow me Order obeys, I love you. I prefer it who likes. I follow when he says. I follow and do so he tells. Pray to God that day can pass. Foll...Rate it

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Follow Me
Meredith Elizabeth Day
Follow me, take my hand, and let’s travel this journey of trials hand in hand. Walk with me step by step in faith, pursue your dreams, do whatever ...Rate it

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Follow Me 'Ome
Rudyard Kipling
There was no one like 'im, 'Orse or Foot, Nor any o' the Guns I knew; An' because it was so, why, o' course 'e went an' died, Which is just...Rate it

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Follow The Sea
Cicely Fox Smith
'What is it makes a man follow the sea? Ask me another!' says Billy Magee: 'Maybe it's liquor and maybe it's love - Maybe it's likin' to be on the ...Rate it

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Follow Thy Fair Sun
Thomas Campion
Follow thy fair sun, unhappy shadow; Though thou be black as night, And she made all of light, Yet follow thy fair sun, unhappy shadow. Follow her,...Rate it

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Follow Thy Fair Sun
Thomas Campion
1 Follow thy fair sun, unhappy shadow; 2 Though thou be black as night, 3 And she made all of light, 4 Yet follow thy...Rate it

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Follow Your Heart
Mario William Vitale
Magic breathes life in our hearts Destiny resides in our souls Our path now shimmers unshadowed by the night With one embrace partnered by a ten...Rate it

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Follow Your Passion
Renee Krzewinski
Inside everyone a dream lies And no matter how many years pass by, The passion to achieve the dream never dies. The passion will always be there fo...Rate it

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Fragment: Follow To The Deep Wood's Weeds
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Follow to the deep wood's weeds, Follow to the wild-briar dingle, Where we seek to intermingle, And the violet tells her tale To the odour-scented ...Rate it

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Free verse - I follow my heart
tj hatton
I follow my Heart As it skips A beat When it knows that You are near We Are hopefull when it comes To love Of fate we hold No fear My heart and I A...Rate it

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Here Follow Several Occasional Meditations
Anne Bradstreet
By night when others soundly slept, And had at once both case and rest, My waking eyes were open kept And so to lie I found it best. I sought H...Rate it

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Modern Love XLII: I Am to Follow Her
George Meredith
I am to follow her. There is much grace In woman when thus bent on martyrdom. They think that dignity of soul may come, Perchance, with dignity ...Rate it

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Only Follow Your Heart.
Nikhil Parekh
Do definitely be inspired by all those minuscule globules of water; which miraculously spurned fresh life and magical greenery—into fathomless kilo...Rate it

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Poetry.com - no barcode to follow
Farida Amin
Poetry.com a site that is free. Poets submit their poem in a glee. There are no barcode to follow. The site doesn't seems hallow. So many poet and ...Rate it

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The Heart Will Follow
Nikhil Parekh
If you indefatigably dream of the radiantly glistening sky; the flamboyantly blistering Sun; will inevitably follow, If you relentlessly dream to...Rate it

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The Man to Follow
William Henry Ogilvie
Apart from the crowd with its banter and mirth, Sitting loose on his mare with an eye to the whins, He has looked to his curb, he has tightened h...Rate it

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To Follow
Daniel Patty
Awaken they, of come what may Bright hopes left from tomorrow And battle ye the sisters three And see what blood will follow When diamonds crash an...Rate it

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We can but follow to the Sun
Emily Dickinson
We can but follow to the Sun— As oft as He go down He leave Ourselves a Sphere behind— 'Tis mostly—following— We go no further with the Dust Than ...Rate it

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