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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
THOU dost complain of woman for changing from one to another? Censure her not: for she seeks one who will constant remain. Rate it

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Admission without Excuse
Ludy Bührs
His name is like a mission, as words try to confuse, his sharp sword without use, he aches of thwarted ambition. I'm watching his transition to ...Rate it

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Sonnet 51: Thus can my love excuse the slow offence
William Shakespeare
Thus can my love excuse the slow offence Of my dull bearer, when from thee I speed: From where thou art, why should I haste me thence? Till I retur...Rate it

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A Celebration Of Charis: I. His Excuse For Loving
Ben Jonson
Let it not your wonder move, Less your laughter, that I love. Though I now write fifty years, I have had, and have, my peers; Poets, though divine,...Rate it

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A Poor Excuse, but our own
Franklin P. Adams
(Why don't you ever write any child poetry? -A MOTHER.) My right-hand neighbour hath a child, A pretty child of five or six, Not more than oth...Rate it

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Beyond All Excuse
Kurt Philip Behm
Poetry… Attacking the mood Driving its impression inward Beyond all excuse Wounding the intellect Calling out names Saving the moment —resurrec...Rate it

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Excuse Me While I Kiss The sky
Mario William Vitale
Jimi was crazy in his days of purple haze Getting tossed with the sauce As a mouse is stuck in its maze Had screaming sounds with his guitar He...Rate it

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Excuse my Fate
R. Blake Hopes
I show off my lies to help me grow. I cross out the truth and get high on the low. I stand down to look up to rip out a page. I'm side to side out ...Rate it

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Her pretty excuse
Dumka Vincent
I love you dear She said sweetly And gently pened my heart Like a dawn of chillness In my world I wish i could stay She slowly let out Taking her ...Rate it

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No Excuse For Ignorance
Wallace Dean LaBenne
There's no excuse for ignorance. The facts fully abound. It simply takes pursuance for data to be found. There's no excuse for ignorance. The fact...Rate it

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Your Excuse
Shari Sullivan
Now I lay me down to slumber I don't exist, lose my number Your regime I'm no longer under Let no man put asunder This goes beyond the scope Of yo...Rate it

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