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Sir Henry Newbolt
Praise thou with praise unending, The Master of the Wine; To all their portions sending Himself he mingled thine: The sea-born flush of morning, T...Rate it

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Thomas Bailey Aldrich
While men pay reverence to mighty things, They must revere thee, thou blue-cinctured isle Of England-not to-day, but this long while In front of na...Rate it

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Francis William Lauderdale Adams
WHERE'ER I go in this dense East, In sunshine or shade, I retch at the villainous feast That England has made, And my shame cannot understand, As s...Rate it

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William Wilfred Campbell
ENGLAND, England, England, Girdled by ocean and skies, And the power of a world, and the heart of a race, And a hope that never dies. England, Eng...Rate it

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Anonymous Americas
Oh, England! Sick in head and sick in heart, Sick in whole and every part: And yet sicker thou art still For thinking that thou art not ill...Rate it

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Edith Nesbit
Shoulders of upland brown laid dark to the sunset's bosom, Living amber of wheat, and copper of new-ploughed loam, Downs where the white sheep wa...Rate it

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John Henry Newman
Type of the West, and glorying in the name More than in Faith's pure fame! Oh. trust not crafty fort nor rock renowned Earned upon hostile groun...Rate it

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England's Hope And England's Heir.
Charles Sangster
England's Hope and England's Heir! Head and crown of Britain's glory, Be thy future half so fair As her past is famed in story, Then wilt thou be g...Rate it

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England, My England
William Ernest Henley
WHAT have I done for you, England, my England? What is there I would not do, England, my own? With your glorious eyes austere, As the Lo...Rate it

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XIV. On a Distant View of England.
William Lisle Bowles
AH! from my eyes the tears unbidden start, Albion! as now thy cliffs (that bright appear Far o'er the wave, and their proud summits rear To meet...Rate it

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The White Ship Henry I. Of England.—25th November 1120
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
By none but me can the tale be told, The butcher of Rouen, poor Berold. (Lands are swayed by a King on a throne.) 'Twas a royal train put forth to ...Rate it

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The Happiest Man in England
William Henry Ogilvie
The happiest man in England rose an hour before the dawn; The stars were in the purple and the dew was on the lawn; He sang from bed to bathroom-h...Rate it

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A Dialogue between Old England and New
Anne Bradstreet
New England. 1 Alas, dear Mother, fairest Queen and best, 2 With honour, wealth, and peace happy and blest, 3 What ails thee hang thy...Rate it

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A Dream Of England
Alfred Austin
I had a dream of England. Wild and weird, The billows ravened round her, and the wrack, Darkening and dwindling, blotted out the track, Then flashe...Rate it

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A Letter From England
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Dear Boy As it appears to us old fogeys If you'll excuse the term that we adopt You and your battery of bowling bogeys Seem to have come a rathe...Rate it

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A Prayer For England.
Eric Mackay
Ah, fair Lord God of Heaven, to whom we call, - By whom we live, - on whom our hopes are built, - Do Thou, from year to year, e'en as Thou wilt, Co...Rate it

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America to England
Katharine Lee Bates
Who would trust England, let him lift his eyes To Nelson, columned o'er Trafalgar Square, Her hieroglyph of duty, written where The roar of traf...Rate it

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Argentile and Curan. - Albion's England (excerpt)
William Warner
The Brutons thus departed hence, seven kingdoms here begun,-- Where diversely in divers broils the Saxons lost and won,-- King Edel and king ...Rate it

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Arion to a Dolphin, On His Majesty's passage into England.
Katherine Philips
Whom does this stately Navy bring? O! ‘tis Great Britain's Glorious King, Convey him then, ye Winds and Seas, Swift as Desire and calm as Peace....Rate it

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Australia to England
Archibald Thomas Strong
By all the deeds to Thy dear glory done, By all the life blood spilt to serve Thy need, By all the fettered lives Thy touch hath freed, By all T...Rate it

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Canada To England
Isabella Valancy Crawford
GONE are the days, old Warrior of the Seas, When thine armed head, bent low to catch my voice, Caught but the plaintive sighings of my woods, And t...Rate it

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Canada to England
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
Great names of thy great captains gone before Beat with our blood, who have that blood of thee; Raleigh and Grenville, Wolfe, and all the free F...Rate it

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Distant View Of England From The Sea
William Lisle Bowles
Yes! from mine eyes the tears unbidden start, As thee, my country, and the long-lost sight Of thy own cliffs, that lift their summits white Above t...Rate it

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England CXVII
Algernon Charles Swinburne
England, queen of the waves, whose green inviolate girdle enrings thee round, Mother fair as the morning, where is now the place of thy foemen foun...Rate it

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England And Spain
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Too long have Tyranny and Power combined, To sway, with iron sceptre, o'er mankind; Long has Oppression worn th' imperial robe, And Rapine's sword ...Rate it

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