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Donald Trumpkin
Ivor Hardy
Donald Trump Took a dump, And smeared it up the walls. He turned the White house into a Shite house And ignore Joe Biden's callsRate it

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A Dog Named Donald
Albeej A
A pouting pooch whose boisterous barks are uttered in superlatives laying claim to unwarranted importance due to an overbearing pride. Strip him o...Rate it

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Donald Caird's Come Again
Sir Walter Scott
Chorus Donald Caird's come again! Donald Caird's come again! Tell the news in brugh and glen, Donald Caird's come again! Donald Caird can lilt a...Rate it

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Donald MacGillavry
James Hogg
Donald's gane up the hill hard and hungry Donald comes down the hill wild and angry Donald will clear the gouk's nest cleverly Here's tae the king...Rate it

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Donald Ross
James McIntyre
A Scottish - Canadian tale. By the side of moss Lived young Donald Ross, Among the heathery hills And the mountain rills, In a snug little cot, ...Rate it

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Gathering Song of Donald the Black
Sir Walter Scott
Pibroch of Donuil Dhu Pibroch of Donuil Wake thy wild voice anew, Summon Clan Conuil! Come away, come away, Hark to the summons! Come in your...Rate it

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The Brothers (For Arnold and Donald Fletcher)
Katharine Tynan
One called from Salonika and his call Rang to his brother; Forded wide rivers, climbed the mountain wall, Seeking the other. Are you asleep, Arnol...Rate it

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The Lament For Shuil Donald’s Daughter
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
I. IN old Shuil Donald's cottage there are many voices weeping, And stifled sobs, and murmurings of sorrow wild and vain, For the old man's cher...Rate it

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