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abdul wahab
From market I bought a mirror It is not An ordinary one It has a magical Value If you see in it It will not reflect you But your inner core W...Rate it

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Syed Ibrahim
We live like a human But are we even a human? We pray for heaven But strive for hell Are we even humans? Lust and greed inside us Killing innocent ...Rate it

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The Devil's Throne
Kurt Philip Behm
Peasant bread to feed the masses, millers stone between the classes Grovel here and grovel there, crumbs for beggars—no meat to share Caught ...Rate it

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The Devil At The Gate
Kurt Philip Behm
Does corruption blind intelligence, does greed devour truth Will intention cast the final vote, its motives never moot As David slew Goliath,...Rate it

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Address to the Devil
Robert Burns
1 O thou! whatever title suit thee,-- 2 Auld Hornie, Satan, Nick, or Clootie! 3 Wha in yon cavern, grim an' sootie, 4 Clos'd u...Rate it

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"This hate letter to the devil"
wendy mitchell
I'm tired of your stupid shit you ant taking my soul to hell so leave me alone im tired of your games your mind controlling your stupid red soul o...Rate it

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A Devil's Hell
Kurt Philip Behm
To be judged by fools —where Devils go to burn (Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2016)Rate it

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A Devil's Insight
Adam Timmers
There are those who grasp the darkness lurking in a human soul yet set their sights on heaven's lights to keep from losing all control. They discer...Rate it

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A Single Devil
Nikhil Parekh
A single rotten apple with flies feasting on its succulent body; decays the entire ensemble of robust apples, A single stain of black dye sprawli...Rate it

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Address ToThe Devil
Robert Burns
O thou! whatever title suit thee,- Auld Hornie, Satan, Nick, or Clootie! Wha in yon cavern, grim an' sootie, Clos'd under hatches, Spairges about...Rate it

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advocates diaboli (Devil's Advocate)
Thomas W. Case
How can you blame me when you made me this way. You gave me free will, and knew what I would do. You predestined me to lose. I didn't choose these ...Rate it

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After Every Devil There Is God
Nikhil Parekh
After every gruesome night; there rises the brilliant day; with the sun dazzling profoundly in the sky, After every storm; there descends a celes...Rate it

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Against The Devil's Whine
Nikhil Parekh
Don't fight in the name of Religion; the same Religion which gave you your own identity to impregnably exist in the first place; fervently worship ...Rate it

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An angelic devil.
Her eyes so dark you can see stories of the devil, So sad you can't make out the words she's trying to say. Shutting people out, And no one ever wa...Rate it

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Bribing The Devil
Kurt Philip Behm
Leaving nothing to his children but cowardly shame, his back turned toward the light His memory the captor of a traitorous scheme, capitulating ...Rate it

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Dancing with the Devil
Dawn P Leon
The demons have gone dormant At least for today As every thought is analyzed Every word I say My howl is but a low grumble In the pit of my stoma...Rate it

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Devil Inside
Rosco daw
You will eat me slowly so I feel the pain. Then break through my skull and devour my brain. You are the beast within, of which I'm a slave . On my ...Rate it

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Devil Muse
Kurt Philip Behm
The tyranny of inspiration —a whip cracking within (Dreamsleep: January, 2020)Rate it

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Devil on my shoulder
chance robbestad
It seems of late I can't tune out The voice of self loathing, fear and doubt No valid reason to believe what I feel But like a wave it consumes...Rate it

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Devil Sun
Mornin' Blue as a lightning crack sugar cane to hell and back another day chained to my conviction papa sleeps in a pauper's grave he was dying an...Rate it

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Devil's Edge
Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
All night I lay on Devil's Edge, Along an overhanging ledge Between the sky and sea: And as I rested 'waiting sleep, The windless sky and soundle...Rate it

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Devil'S eyes
Cleo Patra
Looking through past eyes Wondered why I walk hand in hand with glass innocent love Your mouth was full of honey-words dripped into my tropical-h...Rate it

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Devil's Phantasia
Stacy Marie Zindle
I can feel the razorblades across my heart, Cutting away the pieces of a love I used to feel, Ripping your fading memory apart, In search of someth...Rate it

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Devil's Potion
Kurt Philip Behm
My cup runneth over your chalice half full The emptiness suspect both murky and dull It shines on the outside jewels christened with fire ...Rate it

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Devil's Swing
Fyodor Sologub
Over the rushing river Where shaggy fir-trees stand, The devil himself is pushing My swing with furry hand. Pushing, he laughs away, And...Rate it

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