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John Le Gay Brereton
Eternal cold of silence, where each sound Dies in its birth, and Death's pale henchmen meet With soft Lethean traps unwary feet Or ride with hell's...Rate it

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Mykl Wike
O beautiful David, how I struggle to climb your high pedestal. To hold you, and to love you. But you are too close to the gods for mere mortals to...Rate it

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Kurt Philip Behm
His image eternal, the chisel portrays Beauty in its purest form —but one word to say (Villanova University: October, 2020)Rate it

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Charles Lamb
It is not always to the strong Victorious battle shall belong. This found Goliath huge and tall: Mightiest giant of them all, Who in the proud Phil...Rate it

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Thomas Parnell
My thought, on views of admiration hung, Intently ravish'd and depriv'd of tongue, Now darts a while on earth, a while in air, Here mov'd with prai...Rate it

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A Pastoral Betwixt David, Thirsis, And The Angel Gabriel, Upon The Birth Of Our Saviour
James Thomson
DAVID. What means yon apparition in the sky, Thirsis, that dazzles every shepherd's eye? I slumbering was when from yon glorious cloud Came glid...Rate it

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A Song to David
Christopher Smart
Sublime—invention ever young, Of vast conception, tow'ring tongue To God th' eternal theme; Notes from yon exaltations caught, Unrivall'd royal...Rate it

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David And Jonathan
John Drinkwater
And Jonathan too had honour in his heart, Jonathan who with an armour-bearer went Alone by Michmash to the Philistines, And met a spray of swords b...Rate it

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david and mona
Earle Francis Brown
David? A bachelor? Why, when Mona Lisa is not taken? Is he not drawn by her amazing beauty, and the innocence in her eyes? Her closed lips silent, ...Rate it

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David Ap Gwillam At The Mass Of The Birds
Padraic Colum
THE Thrush, the Lark, and, chief, the Nightingale, With one small bird whose name I do not ken, Offered a Mass; the little bird was clerk, At inter...Rate it

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David Cleek
Siegfried Sassoon
I cannot think that Death will press his claim To snuff you out or put you off your game: You’ll still contrive to play your steady round, Thoug...Rate it

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David Has A Truck
Ian Sawicki
David has got a truck, Oxidation is its name, its claim to fame is it's blue - just like you! Fur coated, it's a bit red, but it's not dead, oh no!...Rate it

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David In The Cave Of Adullam
Charles Lamb
David and his three captains bold Kept ambush once within a hold. It was in Adullam's cave, Nigh which no water they could have. Nor spring nor run...Rate it

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David Wilcox
Trevor McLeod
White-eyed Wilcox played a vixen to my table for her parts ableRate it

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David's Fall
John Newton
How David, when by sin deceived, From bad to worse went on! For when the Holy Spirit's grieved, Our strength and guard are gone. His eye on Baths...Rate it

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David's Lament for Jonathan
Mary Hannay Foott
Thou wast hard pressed, yet God concealed this thing From me; and thou wast wounded very sore, And beaten down, O son of Israel's king, Like wheat ...Rate it

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David's Stone
Kurt Philip Behm
From the rock of ages, —a pebble thrown A thundering crash, —from David’s stone (Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016) Psalm 71:1-3 'From The Book ...Rate it

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Davideis: A Sacred Poem Of The Troubles Of David (excerpt)
Abraham Cowley
BOOK I (excerpt) I sing the man who Judah's sceptre bore In that right hand which held the crook before; Who from best poet, best of ki...Rate it

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David’s Child
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
IN face of a great sorrow like to death How do we wrestle night and day with tears; How do we fast and pray; how small appears The outside world...Rate it

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David’s Description
Brenda De Jesus
If I were asked what color are your eyes... I’d say chocolate and when the sun rays light them up they become the color of sweet honey And your...Rate it

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Elegy to the Memory of David Garrick, Esq.
Mary Darby Robinson
DEAR SHADE OF HIM, who grac'd the mimick scene, And charm'd attention with resistless pow'r; Whose wond'rous art, whose fascinating mien, Gave glow...Rate it

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Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli
Cos'è er braccio de Dio! mannà un fischietto Contr'a quer buggiarone de Golìa, Che si n'avessi avuto fantasia Lo poteva ammazzà cor un fichetto!...Rate it

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Glossary of terms used in David Rorie's works
David Rorie
A acquaint, acquainted. ae, one. aff, off. afore, before. a'gate, everywhere. ain, own. aince, once. ang-bang-pang, embonpoint. argy-bargy, argumen...Rate it

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Goliath and David
Robert Graves
(For D. C. T., Killed at Fricourt, March, 1916) Yet once an earlier David took Smooth pebbles from the brook: Out between the lines he went To ...Rate it

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O, Little David, Play on Your Harp
Joseph Seamon Cotter
O, Little David, play on your harp, That ivory harp with the golden strings And sing as you did in Jewry Land, Of the Prince of Peace and the Go...Rate it

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