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Alyssa Hubiak
Smeared lipstick and hair extensions, Beauty on the outside. They all hide, Behind their painted faces. Basking in the light, Lights are shining br...Rate it

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Silken fingertips Haphazardly stroke my toes As I dance on grass. Rate it

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Dancing In The Meadows
Kurt Philip Behm
Forests of green call beyond the darkness Where rivers flow and verdant colors rhyme Our hopes and wishes dancing in the meadows Calling us t...Rate it

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Pantoum for the Dancing Cranes
Marieta Maglas
Exciting, jumping, bowing, and voicing In jerky sequence, their deep possession, And in the meadow, their high rejoicing Reflect a sense of con...Rate it

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Song of Karen, the Dancing Child
Katherine Mansfield
(O little white feet of mine) Out in the storm and the rain you fly; (Red, red shoes the colour of wine) Can the children hear my cry? (O little w...Rate it

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Dancing skeletons
Rubi Sotelo
I swear with every glass of wine I drink I see skeletons in my glass. They cry and they laugh, Make me reminisce my past, They even swear I’m not o...Rate it

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To A Child Dancing In The Wind
William Butler Yeats
DANCE there upon the shore; What need have you to care For wind or water's roar? And tumble out your hair That the salt drops have wet; Being young...Rate it

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A Dancing Beat
Edward Gonzalez
A Dancing beat my heart pumping with love and heat makes our mind swirl along with our feet A Dancing beat ears soothing to call n gather, a sense ...Rate it

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A Ghost At The Dancing
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
A WIND-SWEPT tulip-bed--a colored cloud Of butterflies careering in the air-- A many-figured arras stirred to life, And merry unto midnight musi...Rate it

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And the dancing was entrancing...
Ellen Fabre
Share Edit And the dancing was entrancing... by Ellen Fabre made it there. of course, the tides turned. and, the meter learned. that the heat can...Rate it

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Dancing Adairs
Conrad Potter Aiken
Behold me, in my chiffon, gauze, and tinsel, Flitting out of the shadow into the spotlight, And into the shadow again, without a whisper!- Firef...Rate it

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Dancing Christmas Tree Rows
Dancing down a narrow path, A shaft. To create, To laugh, To shout for joy, To swing your arms To the left and to the right. To not mock others Of ...Rate it

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Dancing Days
Erwin Jung
If I were to believe The foiling of men Whom delude a womans heart Would I change too then ? Where commandments do not command But tell stories; t...Rate it

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Dancing Fingers
May Xiong
Tips of Fingers, touching thin black and white keys. Moving in a melodic speed. They are dancing. Flowing through his hands, a new note is being r...Rate it

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Dancing Freely
Kurt Philip Behm
All of our passions border on sin The reasoning gray, the line often thin All of our joy dances freely between That Angel above us —and ...Rate it

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Dancing In Her Heart
Nikhil Parekh
When I danced on the ultimate summit of the astronomically colossal mountain; initially I felt waves of stupendously ingratiating exhilaration delu...Rate it

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Dancing In The Dark
Wallace Dean LaBenne
I don't see the eyes on me, I'm dancing for the lark. I don't see the grand jury, I'm dancing in the dark. I don't care about the move, I'm dancin...Rate it

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Dancing In The Light
Den Khaustov
The sequel to my poem http://www.poetry.com/poems/455960-Masquerade- Our life is mesmerizing masquerade, It's everlasting vivid show. I keep parti...Rate it

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Dancing in the Rain
Some say the dark, night is the worst. Some say rain is the dullest. Some say they can't stand it when it's both. Personally? I love both, especial...Rate it

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Dancing in the Shadow
Dancing in the Shadow As we dance together in the dark.. The love in my heart is more than a spark.. Our shadows in the evening glow.. Just you a...Rate it

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Dancing lovers
Mayte Marie
Once upon midnight summer danced two lovers around each other under the watchful eye of their blazing camp fire to whom his self could not help ...Rate it

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Dancing On The Hill-Tops
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Dancing on the hill-tops, Singing in the valleys, Laughing with the echoes, Merry little Alice. Playing games with lambkins In the flowering v...Rate it

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Dancing Rain Drops
John D
Close eyes and listen To raindrops slowly dropping Little dancing drumsRate it

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Dancing Till Dawn
Fran McClelland
Remember when we lived the life, of teens who rattled cages; We drove furiously through each town at night, as if we were simply ageless; Our lipst...Rate it

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Dancing Trees (Haiku)
Didar Baizhanov
facing tall forest trees are dancing in the wind missing their slight youthRate it

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